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Realistic Goal Weight

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Default Realistic Goal Weight

I have been lurking in the forums for some time but haven't posted. My highest weight was 315. I started Atkins about 6 weeks ago and have lost about 21 lbs. I am also doing some cardio along with sit ups, crunches, and some lifting with hand weights. I am feeling much better and can tell a difference in my stamina.

I am 5'6'' tall and am wondering what a realistic target weight is for me. I have read that I should be at 155 max. (That seems impossible right now!) I am also wondering if that is realistic given my current condition. I am scared of how my body would look based on the excess skin at that point as well, not that it looks great now.

I have mini goals along the way, but am trying a different approach this time to changing my life. I am trying to manage my life the way I manage my job . So, I need a plan and to execute my plan. Any advice would help.
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Hi Geber...wow...21 pounds, you are awsome. If I were you, I wouldn't even have a definite goal, if it seems too far away for you. Myself, I seem to be having better luck this time. My approach this time has been to do weight watchers on my own...I have all of the books with points, and last did it 7 years ago as a member. This time I am looking at it as a healthy life style because I know it will need to be this way forever. And really, that is what weight watchers is...not a diet. I weigh myself only once a month or so, and only when I really feel I have lost. This eliminates the dissapointment that has always ended it for me in the past. I think as long as you are healthy that is the main thing. I am 57, so don't want to be as tiny as I was at 35 or 40. I can cope with a little extra weight. I think I will look better that way, but still be small enough to be healthy and in good shape. Good luck to you, and hope to see your posts!
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TWENTY-ONE pounds..well isn't that wonderful! Congratulations..some folks can't lose 2 and you have lost 21. .....well done!

You have to take into account your height, your frame, and where you think you may be comfortable. My goal weight is 170 and I realize that that is a weight that many women would go..OMG I am 170 I AM SOOOOO FAT I have to go on a diet!!!

BUT...I am 5'9 and and have the basic physique of an eastern russian shot-put athlete (on steroids) , so...at 170 I would be a very SLIM-LOOKING size 16-18 and I would be very very very happy with myself.

Where do you think you would be comfortable? What weight loss do you think you can maintain? You have to look at the big picture (no pun intended)!

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21 lbs ~~ you are AWESOME!

I wonder about this myself, because I can't even remember the last time I was under 200, so I don't have any concept of how I would look or feel even at that weight!!!

I think what I'm going to do is just keep eating well and exercising, continuing to feel better and better inside and out, and keep those pounds coming off slowly but surely. I have posted 150 for my goal weight, but I'm open to feeling great at 160, 170, whatever, as long as I am healthy and strong. I figure when I get closer to the blessed 199 mark, I will be able to re-evaluate more realistically. Seems like forever from now before I get there. But whatever! I feel better than I did when I started, and that's my ultimate lgoal -- to feel GREAT! I worry about the extra skin, too, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! And this time, I really believe I'll get there!!
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S/C/G: 315/265/155

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Thanks for the encouragement. I know that most of this has been water weight but I am excited none the less. I had always thought that 175 would make me comfortable, but as I am reading and understanding more I am wondering about the 150s. 154 would make my BMI "healthy" and I am thinking that if I can make it to 175 why not go all the way. (I may change my mind )
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I have already changed my 'goal' weight once on here, and I am considering changing it again. I had never been a 'normal' size as an adult, so I had NO idea what weight/size I would end up being. I also didn't CARE. That may be hard to believe, but with no previous self-image to base things upon, it just didn't occur to me to focus on this side of things. I basically just focused on the HEALTH side of things, which was why I wanted to lose weight anyway. I knew that the weight had to come off, and I knew that it would take me a while (took me 2 years and 2 months) and I knew that I would have to change my lifestyle to something that I could do for LIFE. They were the things that I focused on.

Once I lost 192lbs, and reached 161lbs, I had people worrying about me and saying that I had lost too much weight and was looking gaunt. I still hadn't reached my first 'goal', which I had based on the top end of the healthy range of the BMI chart. Of course, I hadn't accounted for the excess skin, of which I have a LOT! I decided to take this into account and I raised my goal 10lbs. I actually believe that I have more than 20lbs of excess skin, but that seemed like a lot to raise my goal.

Recently my husband mentioned that he thought I looked my best at my current weight, which is around 175/177lbs. I would like to lose 10lbs, to just make my clothes a little looser and to give myself some breathing room around TOM and ovulation times, at which I can actually gain 7lbs without blinking.

So, as you can see, goal weights can be very confusing when you come from such a high weight and possibly don't have a previous 'slim' weight to base your goal upon.

To be honest, I think my body decided to let ME know when I had reached a comfortable weight. I actually had to FORCE the last 10 pounds off when I originally lost my weight. I made myself sick by over-exercising and pushing myself too far. In a couple of years I gained about 10lbs and my body seemed to like it there. Now my weight creeps up a little more a couple of times a month, but I can also work it back down again with a litte extra concentration, rather than hard work. I may have to listen to my body more.

I would recommend that you simply set your mind to losing the weight and even if you have set a goal weight, be prepared to perhaps change it - with NO feelings of guilt - as you get closer.

Sorry this was such a long post, and a LOT about me, but this topic is one that is very close to my heart as I am still struggling with the difference between what my body tells me and what my mind tells me.

Great job on the weight loss so far! And good luck with your future journey.
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I also didn't really set a definite goal weight and I seemed to sort of bottom out at 173. I liked being that weight and was gneerally a size 12. I've since gained back 10 pounds and working on getting back. I think if I had set a goal of "normal" -- below 150 for me -- that I might have been disappointed with that, but really, I was thrilled! And despite gaining back 10 pounds, I'm still generally pleased as punch!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences

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My goal right now is to lose the next pound. The big picture is too overwhelming for me. Thinking of weighing a "normal" weight is some time down the road for me and can send me into a tailspin.
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I like others..dont have a set goal. I have tried that in the past only to be let down when it didnt happen. Honestly..I have no idea what I want to weight...all I know is that I want to be healthy..shop at a regular store for clothes..be able to put any seatbelt around me..tie my shoe string on top of my shoe..and be able to move. I know its going to be alot harder taking ot off then putting it on..not fair huh?
Hugs from Cyn

I am back..new goals placed on my heart by the Lord..with Him I will succeed!Living with Gastroparesis has taught me a thing or 2 about life!
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My goal weight is 175. It is there because I know how I looked and felt about 5 years ago when I was at that spot. I have set rigid goals for myself. For example, I will be 230 by Christmas. I HAVE to do this for myself. Otherwise, I will slack and will not hold myself accountable. But, that is what works for me. You have to figure out what works best for you! Good Luck
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Hum...interesting question. I have been fat all my life and I'm 5'8" tall. I currently weigh about 360 and have not been less than 220 as an adult. I do have a picture of me at 180lbs as an 18 year old. God I thought I was so fat then! But now I look at that picture and see curves and flesh...not fat.

My current goal weight is 250. That puts me at over 100 lbs to lose. When I get to that point, I'll evaluate things again. Like others have said here, I am focusing on doing things the healthy way...and taking it one day at a time.
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Ladies, thank you all for your replies.

I have tried losing to the point I am comfortable in the past, only to convince myself that I am already comfortable. This time, I am trying something different and managing to my goal. I am a management consultant for work and manage impossible projects to delivery, so I have decided why not this "impossible" project.

I am going to go with the 155 but know that with the excess skin etc that 175 might be the stopping point. I am weighing everyday, which I know can cause issues, but is again different for me. I was down to 290 on Sunday (3lbs down from last week) but gained 4 lbs over night. I have been fighting a migraine and believe that TOM might be here. Haven't had that in a while though so hard to tell.

Anyway, thanks for your responses. Zelma, let me just say that I read your site and you are truy an inspiration. I am so impressed by what you have done to truly change your life.
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