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Default My clothing goals.. do you have any???

My biggest clothing item i miss is blue jeans... i wore them all my life till i got huge.. now i dont feel like they look right, and they feel heavy and binding.. prob cause theyre tight in some places ( my waist), but somehow loose in the legs and butt...i havnt been able to find a pair that fits right since i got big.. and im sooo looking forward to wearing them again and having em fit me like they used to.. or close anyhow lol.
another thing i miss is country style shirts to go with my wrangler jeans.. i used to dress cowgirl once in a while when i went out.. cowgirl boots, wranglers, western shirt, and stetson.. even tho i live in the uk now and ill look very odd doing that here i plan on having sis send me these items once i reach goal. these are my 'clothing' goals
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I have a pair of blue jeans, which at the moment seem tiny!! They are UK size 14s, they have three big buttons rather than a zipper, very low slung, and I can just remember feeling slim and happy with my shape then when I was wearing them - which was about 4 years ago!!! They are hung up on the outside of my wardrobe as a form of motivation/torture depending on the day!!
Ive always wanted to have knee high boots too, Ive never ever been able to find a pair that fit, I would love to be able to wear a skirt and knee high boots, i think that looks so cute. I guess my biggest clothing goal, is to be able to wear size 14 jeans without a muffin top again!!

30th Birthday Goal! 7 months to go!
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I agree, but I miss skirts and things that go above my knee. Since my weight gain I've developed nasty stretch marks on the back of my knees.
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stretch marks are no fun to be sure, but with me personally, after i lose the weight i want to lose, i will just look at them as battle scars.. and a battle i have won...i mainly have them on my breasts and stomach.. got the ones on my stomach from pregnancys...the ones on my breasts are because for every pound gained, half i think went to them lol... i am sooo hoping i can lose some cup sizes..i would much rather be healthy and thin with stretch marks than morbidly obese like i am now..i also have varicose veins starting on my calves.. im sure from standing on my feet/legs and them having to support so much weight for so long.. plus im 43.. but compared to having to lose 111 pounds min, they dont seem so bad lol
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ahhh UK size 14! I remember that.... I want that back ! I have had to throw away so many clothes because I can no fit in them. I have a brown skirt that I would love to wear again !
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So funny you mention this...we recently moved and I have my "step down" clothes. I honestly don't even know where I got them because I have carried them around so much. I currently wear a 4X so I have sizes all the way down to an 8 WOW! There are these jeans that I have was never able to wear them..they are by Delta Burke..lol..they are a dark purple! Still have the friggin tags on them.UGH... They are a size 12...Right now I would love to fit in those. I have not worn jeans since I was a size 20. All my pants now have elastic waists UGH! So sad. So for me I guess getting into those Delta Burke pants would be a great goal!
Hugs from Cyn

I am back..new goals placed on my heart by the Lord..with Him I will succeed!Living with Gastroparesis has taught me a thing or 2 about life!
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Smile Alot has been said .....

Well, I used to live in jeans right up to size 26W but now that I work from home and I don't get a chance to dress up except on the weekends when I have some extra money I want to buy dressier clothes. Recently, I bought another pair of jeans and I am so used to wearing leggings or knit pants that they do seem tight. I don't like that feeling any more.

My sister told me to buy MEN'S LEVIS if I really want good fitting jeans, no matter what size. If you recall they fit your waist then your inseam. I haven't looked lately but I think that is a good idea since my waist is where I have the majority of my weight and my legs are more trim. In our family we are all apple shaped not pear shaped. When I buy plus size jeans I need to fit the waist and hips and then the pant legs swing in the breeze when I walk. I think they actually make me look bigger as a result.

I too have hung onto a lot of really nice "down sized" clothes so I just look forward to revisiting those sizes. They are waiting patiently for me so I hope to see a size 24 in the next couple of months and then a 22 by March and 20s by spring, etc. I am working out like a fiend to tone up the muscles underneath the fat so when the fat goes they will be "ready" for whatever I wear.

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My clothing goals: My old clothes!!!! DH made fun of me cuz I wouln't get rid of them. I am having the last laugh as I am now starting to wear some of them as I work my way down.
Second goal: Out of plus size stores. Who knew you could get so excited about a size 18?????
I'm an apple shape, too. I thought Pamatga was describing me when she talked about how pants fit, lol. The good news is that I have lost twice as many inches off my waist than hips. So as I lose weight, I am balancing out a bit.
It's been so long since I wore a pair of jeans that weren't stretch jeans.
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I had been overweight for so long that I didn't have any step down clothes. My final goal, regardless of the weight, is to be a single digit size 8. I can't even imagine it, even as a teenager, I was a size 12/13/14/15. So far, I've come from a size 32 to a size 12 in tops, 14 in bottoms.

160 lbs lost!

My progress pictures
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English riding breeches - off the rack. And a pair of "field boots" - real leather riding boots with the laces at the ankle. They're so narrow in the calf, I can only dream of them now. Sigh....
Val ~
Always tryin' to just get back on the horse....

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The Story Re-Written
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I have to agree with pamatga about the men's jeans. I bought a pair about three years ago and they are the best fitting jeans I have ever owned. They are way too big now and my mom says I look like a thug when I wear them (I don't have a belt just yet. ), but they are comfy. I also have a couple pairs of men's overalls too. Same thing as the jeans though... Waaaaaaay too big right now. I have more fluffy ladies asking where I got my overalls and jeans. I was never partial to women's jeans and overalls because they were always too tight in the waist, even when I was a kid. I don't know about y'all, but I want a little more freedom in my pants.

As far as clothing goals, I had one. My boyfriend bought me a couple football jerseys for my fave team in January and I wanted to be able to wear them when this season rolled around, and daggnabbit, I have been wearing them like they are going out of style. I am still working on them getting even more loose and such right now.

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. ~ Anonymous

It ain't what people call ya, it's what you answer to. ~ Madea (Madea's Family Reunion)
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I want to be able to go into some funky boutique and know they'll have something in my size!!
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A nice corset, sleeveless shirts, knee high chunky boots. A skirt! (you can see my stomach.. apron? dunlap? flap? .... in skirts and dresses). Something cute and kind of funky. Not the grandma clothes I'm wearing now.

I bought a pair of jeans last week that fit. It's nice to be able to buy jeans off the rack at the plus sized store again. A couple of months ago, I was resigned to ordering stretch pants from the internet.

(Of course, at the rate I'm going, the jeans won't fit soon.. and not in a good way.. )
For Now Goal:

Mini Goal:

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What am I waiting for?
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I miss wearing heeled shoes I find now that the look a bit funny under my big body and I dont feel as balanced walking in them. I would wear them all the time when I was under 250.
I would love a pair of knee high boots, I have yet to find a pair to fit my legs!

My major clothing goal is to just be able to buy clothes at a regular store and not feel segreated to the back of stores in the plus section. I want to be able to buy a wedding dress in a size 16 or below by next fall.
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Last spring we were thinking of moving so I packed all my old clothes I was saving in a box. I marked the box 22 because they were all size 22 and that's what I am looking forward too at this moment. It's just a small goal, but one that I've had for a long time.
Like you jasmine, I would love to go into a store and buy the regular size clothes and not the "plus" sizes. At my thinest, that I can remember, I wore a size 13 junior, I was 21. My dad said I was too thin. I don't think I will be that thin again, I'm 52 now, but it sure was nice to hear him say that!

One for every twenty pounds lost!

Long Term Goal

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