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Is anyone else single? Who has no commitment other than a dog or just them self?

I ask this because I'm curious about budgets for groceries. How much do you spend a week or every two weeks on groceries for yourself? This doesn't include eating out.

I feel like I spend too much money like 200 every two weeks and I still barely make it out before pay day with having food.
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Not single, but I cook for one a lot.

I find that the grocery bill runs high if I buy too many convenience foods. When I was initially diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I relied on microwave meals to make my life easier with transitioning to a new diet. (Twice a day =$6 =$84 per 2 weeks). I have since cut back to microwave meals to just once a day (and will eventually ween off completely).

I now look for staple foods that I can make many things with and try to stretch certain foods that are the expensive healthy options. For example, I bought wild grain rice which is lower carbs than white or brown rice. $4 for one tiny box which is supposed to be 2.5 servings. I split it into 8 portions to put in my burritos (I eat burritos instead of sandwiches).

And because of other diet restrictions, I have cut out other higher priced items like lunch meats and cheeses. Instead I buy chicken breast and cook it up and dice it to use in whatever I'm making. Five large chicken breasts for about $6 instead of one package of shaved chicken for the same price. I had 8 half cup portions and it is a lot healthier than the lunch meat without preservatives and extra sodium. (I'm supposed to watch my sodium intake).

So I made enough filler for 8 burritos. Mostly relying on fresh ingredients

Wild Rice - $4
Low sodium black beans - $1
Boneless skinless Chicken breast - $6
Red and green bell pepper (one was free from my parents' garden) - $1
Onion - $.25
High Fiber Tortillas - $5

8 Burritos = $17.25 ($2.15~ each) (About 500 calories with guac and salsas) Cheaper and healthier than the pre-made microwave meals and it took me less than 30 minutes to prepare. I divided out portions in separate containers and now all I have to do is microwave it for 30-45 seconds and I have a quick and easy meal.
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I like that.

I usually make dinner and whatever is for dinner I also have for lunch the next day. I find much easier than planning three meals a day for weightloss. I'm just more curious to how people live cheaply yet healthy.

I'm usually really good one week, but then can't afford food the next week so I have to eat process food etc. How do I get a budget down where Each week I can eat healthy. I get paid every two weeks.
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I spend probably around 40 to 60 on food weekly. Frozen vegetables are a good way to go to keep the bill down and they don't go bad as quickly. I have a problem with getting lazy in the evenings and not wanting to cook for myself, so I do a lot of meal prepping on Sundays. I'll make my lunches and dinners for the entire week and then just pull out tupperware as I am hungry. I used to live with roommates and cook for all of us, so this helps since I find it hard cooking for one. But for the food bill, frozen veggies, I buy rice in bulk from my local Asian market (20 dollars for a bag that will last months), and meal planning. By meal planning I don't mean cooking all the food in advance, just knowing exactly what I'm going to cook for the week and not buying extra food that I fancy at the moment. Strictly stick to my list and this cut down at least 20 a week on groceries.

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