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Default Im BACK!

I know most of you probably don't know me/remember since its been a good 2-3 years since I have even taken a visit back to these forums. I credit this site for my original weight loss of around 75lbs as the support really got me thru it. I still struggle with my weight off and on, and im finally back for a little support.

Lemme tell you a little about what all has been going on with me since leaving the site. I was in a happy relationship and finally felt like I was where i wanted to be.(172) I wasn't at my goal weight but I was very much comfortable in my clothes/body. Well as the years went on the weight began to climb again and I knew i had to do something about it(198). I became very anti social because of it and it eventually caused me to lose my 5 year relationship. After I was unable to save the relationship no matter how hard I tried, I was left with the hard choice of leaving and going back to my Family (Chicago back to Florida). I came back to Florida and tried to start over. I started taking ******** from a lady I knew in Chicago, well after only a few short depressing months I was able to reach my goal weight (165), and I NEVER felt so sexy. However....it only lasted about 6 months and the weight started creeping back up on me. 9 Months later and i started dating again, which only led to more weight gain. STORY OF MY LIFE!

Well fast forward to today, Ive been in a relationship for almost a year and Im trying to get back to my goal weight. Me and my boyfriend are set to visit Poland in Sept to visit his family for the first time. Now im SUPER nervous! Polish people are small and the obesity rate over there is almost nothing, so here I am going to visit his tiny family and I feel inadequate, not to mention i dont speak any Polish...eek. So with that in mind we do own a Norwalk Juicer ($3,000) that his dad had purchased during his run with cancer, so we decided to juice. Were going on 30 day juice fast before Poland and hoping to drop some weight so that I can at least feel better and jump start back into my healthy routine. Here we are on day 13 and im down 12lbs and counting. I do know that I will expect some gain back due to the fact im not consuming solid food, but thats all right- Im just looking to bring down my cravings for food and alcohol, not to mention my tolerance for both.

Here are a few of my pics throughout my journey...

My goal weight:

Me currently...

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Your story sounds a lot like mine. I lost about 70 pounds when I was committed to posting on a forum several years ago, then the weight crept back on--not all of it, but a good 50 came back. I'm uncomfortable and unhappy with my weight, and I've been struggling to get back on track, so I'm back to forum-posting in hopes that it will help.

You look AMAZING in that current photo, but I hope you make it back to your goal weight in time for your trip!
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Congratulations on your weight loss! Gaining some back doesn't diminish your success. Congrats on the 12 lbs and back.
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I just decided to rejoin today! I recognize your picture so I think I was here around when you were. Its been a LOOOONG time since I posted.

I think you look great in your current picture too. But I know how it is. You have to be comfortable in your own skin
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Love your pictures and nice to hear about your journey. I am currently pregnant so my own is on hold and prior to pregnancy I was 60% of the way to my own weight loss dream.

I am sure you'll get back to where you want to be sooner rather than later.
Currently nursing my newborn baby and attempting to stay healthy at the same time

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I think it is personally motivating to get back on the horse. I am in the same boat. I reached my goal and then some in 2012 but have slowly added back weight since then. Now I am coming back to this forum to hopefully rekindle that motivation that got me to my first goal.
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Whew...glad I am not the only one coming back for another round after a few years LOL. Hiya Pammy! I love and hate looking at my goal pictures...knowing how I felt so good and of course sexy then is hard but also very motivating! Best wishes!!!

Milestone Goal No.1 is to reach 160# by 12/31/14.
Milestone Goal No.2 is to reach 140# by 2/28/15.
Milestone Goal No.3 is to reach 130# by 4/4/15, my 31st Birthday!
Ultimate Goal is to reach 127# by 6/1/15.
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Pam & Shortandfluffy ~ Good Luck on your weight loss journey's

Started my weight loss journey for the 2nd time on Jan. 16th 2014

We are never truly defeated until we stop trying! ~ lookin2lose

I'm ONE YEAR into my weight loss journey
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