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Frances123 05-01-2014 09:16 PM

Any "Juicers" Out There?
I've been having a lot of trouble getting my fruits and vegetables in, since I don't like either. I slooooowly stopped eating them, and then my weight loss stalled. I've only lost 9 pounds since the beginning of the year, although I've been working out a lot. I decided to try juicing and just started replacing my supper every day with a huge (30 oz) smoothie - 2 cups of raw spinach, plus 2 3/4 cups mixed fruit. It's actually fairly easy to drink - hooray! :carrot: My only concern is that my carb intake is a lot higher than normal, and I'm absolutely starving every night by 8 p.m. Anyone else tried this, and if so, how did it work for you...and does the hunger go away? :^:

seaurchin 05-01-2014 10:06 PM

I normally drink a smoothie in the morning (carb load in the morning) and take a juice shot at night with dinner. My normal smoothie consists of 1 cup unsweetened almond milk; 1 large handful of spinach, 1/2 cup of sliced strawberries, 1/4 cup of blueberries, 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple, 1/4 frozen banana usually about 8 am. I really don't feel hungry until lunch time. My evening juice shot consists of chard or kale, half a lemon, and a bit of ginger. I try to keep my calories between 1200-1400 a day when I add lunch and dinner. If I go over my calories at lunch time, then I have a smoothie at night instead of a normal dinner which happens occassionally. If I have a few calories to spare, then I'll nible on laughing cow lite swiss cheese wedge or on immitation crab meat before I go to bed so that i'm not staring at the ceiling because i'm feeling hungry.

Frances123 05-02-2014 07:12 AM

My smoothie is a pretty substantial 400 calories, as it's meant to be a meal replacement (that's why I'm using 1% milk instead of almond milk). I'm consuming the same amount of calories as I did before...just not sure why I'm so much hungrier now! Just hope it passes!

seaurchin 05-02-2014 07:59 AM

Are you putting any protein in your smoothie? For example, sometimes, i'll put in ounce of almonds and cut back on the fruit. Or I'll add good fat, like a half of avocado. Some people on this forum use protein powders.

Frances123 05-02-2014 11:45 AM

No, I'm not a big fan of protein powder. I eat a lot of eggs, Greek yogurt, and nuts and get my protein that way. :)

atreyyena 05-22-2014 05:16 PM

my recommendation for juicing and being hungry at night is to have a handful of nuts that you like. My mom's a diabetic and it was recommended to her to keep blood sugar levels steady. It will also really help with the evening hunger. I did a week long juice, and found that having a handful of nuts with the juice helped a lot. Another thing I would say is that if you have a banana and milk in your juice you can't really taste the protein powder anymore if your juicer is good

BeachBreeze2010 05-30-2014 02:25 PM

I juice in the morning, not at night. It helps get my system started slowly and doesn't keep me bogged down with a "full" feeling. I don't know if I would like doing it at night. Maybe? Also, when I make my juices, I use more vegetables than fruits so it doesn't cause a sugar spike. I use a cucumber, handful or two of baby carrots, half an apple and half a lemon. I'm probably just traditional, but I feel like I need something in my stomach in the evening.

If you want to reverse and juice at night, make sure your larger meal is earlier in the day and you don't use the juice to replace the larger meal. Otherwise - yeah, you are eating dramatically less so of course you're hungry.

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