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Hello my name is Shannon and I'm a stress eater...

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Default Hello my name is Shannon and I'm a stress eater...

As well as a convenience eater. Today was a bad day for dieting for me, though I ended up coming out ahead I guess. So this morning I had to take my baby for his 2 month appt and vaccinations. I was like well I don't have time to make breakfast, don't have time to go home before the appt, so I'll just stop and grab something. Went to hardees and got my steak biscuit, but instead of my normal large Dr Pepper, I got a small. Not great, but better than normal. Well after his appt and shots, I came home and was going to eat lunch, but he was sleeping, so I decided I would too. I got up to go pick up my other kids from school and was like, well, I've already screwed up for the day, what's a trip to McDonalds. So I stopped and got the kids happy meals, and I decided on Wendy's instead. I got my combo, this time with the large drink( I know, bad me) and drove home, eating the fries on the way, I like to eat my sandwiches later for some weird reason. So I got home and my son was extremely unhappy so I spent the next hour getting him calm, forgetting all about my food, which I had sat down next to the couch. Got the baby calm and then was like crap, I still need to get stuff for my daughter's science fair project, so off we went, again forgetting the food. I came home and was STARVING b/c I really hadn't eaten since 8 am this morning, only to find the dog had stolen my burger and ate all the meat out of it Lord was I angry, but after a bit, I figure it's the universes way of saying I don't need it. So I ended up with a tv dinner of frozen dinner beef and broccoli with a horribly indulgent dessert, that I only ate a small bit of.. The stress eating was b/c I couldn't handle my baby hurting so bad.On the plus side, I was able to get a short walk in after eating the fries! Oh the joys! lol Anyone else have situational eating issues?
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Hello! I can totally relate. Being prepared saved me a ton of heartache along the way. As moms we are always on the go, putting the kids schedule ahead of our own, etc. So I always keep a bar in the purse and in the car (except in the summer! Lol). If you aren't eating the fast food when you get it....then are you really hungry for it? If you can wait until you get home to eat the burger, then wait until you get home to make a sandwich or something.

Also, the whole day doesn't have to be shot just because lunch wasn't s great. If you have a meal that is less than desirable...get on with it and make better choices for the rest of the day! Have you tried calorie counting? If you stick to a calorie goal and you "waste" some of it on fast food, you won't have as many calories for the end of the day, which can help break that habit ASAP!

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Yeah,I started calorie counting last week on myfitnesspal.com and that's why I was like crap I failed,but once I added in exercise,my calorie level was still under what I'm"allowed". I really did want the burger lol ,I just like to sit down and enjoy it rather than eat it hurriedly while driving,but I hate sitting in fast food restaurants lol. I was set to eat it when the baby got really cranky from his shots and I had to figure out how to console him.It'll be alright,I'm not going anywhere tomorrow so I can workout well,and eat better too! Besides,I found a new treat tonight at the store! Special K dark chocolate and strawberries! Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow!
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Yes. My son was extremely colicky for much of his first year and I ate so much fast food. It's only been recently now that he's 2 that I've started putting myself as a priority again. Also, he would push me into traffic to get to french fries so I try to limit how much fast food we eat.

I really have to have a plan. That means using a calorie counting site/app that allows me to plan my meals in advance. I don't make it so restrictive that I can't change up snacks, but I have specific snacks around that will keep me full longer. Almonds, celery + peanut butter, cheese, etc. This is really the only thing that keeps me on track because when left to my own devices I'll take a bit of this, have one of that, and by the end of the day have eaten twice the number of calories I need to.
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