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Height: 5'4"


Daily as a reminder to start the day focused. I'll probably go to weekly once I hit a healthy weight.
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Old 03-03-2012, 06:42 PM   #17
Long Hauling It
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Once a week, every Tuesday when I wake up. Those daily fluctuations can drive you crazy.
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I used to weigh myself three times a week: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. But I found that if I gained between any of those days, I'd be upset until the next weigh in (when, of course, I'd lose that plus a bit more). So I made the decision this time around to weigh every day, accepting that my weight will fluctuate and that I need to be okay with that because that's life. WHEN () I'm maintaining my weight, I will need to be cool with that, so I'm practicing.

First goal: 203 (where I was last year when I started the ol' regain...)
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At least twice a day. I know it sounds obsessive, but when I weighed once a week, I was constantly obsessed with thoughts of what I might weigh. Had I lost anything yet, how many days left til weigh-in, how much weight did I think I had lost so far, what was I going to do if I gained.... Even though I wasn't stepping on the scale, my thoughts were always on the scale.

I finally decided I was going to satisfy my curiosity and be done with it. So even though I weigh two or three times a day, I spend MUCH, MUCH less time thinking about the scale, so it actually keeps me from being obsessive.

It doesn't discourage me, because I didn't expect to see a loss every time, in fact I decided that I was going to celebrate "not gaining" and I even literally forced myself to throw a little fuss. I made myself do a little "happy dance" in celebration of "just not gaining."

And by weighing myself before going to bed and first thing in the morning (after peeing) I got to celebrate a loss every morning (yes, I know it isn't a "real" loss, but it is something to look forward to every morning).

For me, stepping on the scale gives me a reference point. If I go off-plan, and think "I've blown it," I step right on the scale. Rarely is there a gain or at least a large one, but it reminds me that I haven't blown it. It also gives me a "start-fresh" point that makes it easier for me to keep going with my day as planned.

In the past, if I felt like I'd "blown it" (and didn't weigh myself) I would assume that I had guaranteed myself a weight gain, and I would keep eating at least until the next morning (or if I was weighing weekly, until my next weigh-in day).

By weighing frequently every time I step on the scale, it's not exactly like I see it as "do-over" so much as a reminder that I haven't blown anything. I tell myself that here is no "starting over" or "starting fresh," just "moving on" (but weighing myself after eating something off plan, does give me a bit of the "starting fresh" feeling of renewed motivation).
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3ish times a week and graph the results on my cell phone. I know there are fluctuations and can see it in the graph which keeps me from wigging out by short term gains.
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Height: 5'2


I try to stick to weighing myself every 2-3 days. My weekly weigh in is on Tuesdays, and it is not out of the norm for me to weigh myself multiple times on Monday! Sometimes I become obsessed and weigh daily though. Drives me crazy!!! Pure insanity!!!
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Once a week. There is absolutely no reason to weigh yourself daily if you are ON PLAN. You fluctuate to much day to day via stress, hormones, water, salt, etc. Just eat right, weigh once a week and move on. No reason to become obsessive about a number that will move down if you are doing things right.
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I weigh every day. It keeps me on track and reminds me daily what the ultimate goal is.
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well i think i am probably one of the only other people who rather not know, last time i did weigh my self i just wanted to beat myself up. my fat jeans are now my skinny jeans maybe if i did weigh i would have had a heads up.
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I weigh every morning after I pee. I know this might be TMI but I also weigh every time after I have a BM because I am not that regular and I like to see the smaller number. I know TMI!
Keri (31)
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Everyday, right after I wake up, pee, and right before hopping in the shower. The fluctuations used to bug me like no tomorrow but now i've pretty much accepted them. I record my weight on my chart once a week, and as long as I see a continuing downwards pattern, I'm happy

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Every single morning.

I am maintaing now and it helps me. I like to know as soon as possible if the weight is creeping up again. I don't have many fluctuations, I may go up a pound every now and then after a break day or if I have eaten a lot of salt but that is it. I also don't gain weight before my period so I don't have to worry about fluctuations spoiling my day.

I can gain weight and not even realise until I'm no longer fitting in my clothes and it is much harder to lose around 15 pounds then it is to pull myself in after a couple of pounds gain.
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Daily, but I only record it on Fridays
weighing daily helps me stay on track
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Height: 5'11


Every morning right after I get up before I get dressed.
Eight months of lifting heavy things, moving my body, and learning to eat better =57.8 lbs gone! WOO HOO!!

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Height: 5'3


It's really important to weigh yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know it can be frustrating, especially if you know you've cheated on your diet. But that's why it's important. I know I always need to stress this to my weight loss clients. It helps you see when you've messed up, when you've been doing really well. It forces you to recognize exactly what you're doing, good and bad.
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