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Angry + 6 lbs, how is that even possible???

Woke up Saturday morning, weighed myself, 202 pounds. That is the least I have weighed in over 6 years. I was so thrilled, I did a little happy dance.
Woke up this morning (Monday), weighed myself, 208... REALLY!!! How is that even possible? Talk about a serious downer. I just wanna scream! I even whatched what I ate and exercised. I am so lost, tell me this will go away?!
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This happens to me all the time! I can have 8 lb differences from day to day. Sometimes it just seems to be a fluke and it goes back down the next day (I blame water weight). And sometimes I just continue to jump around not really knowing if I am actually gaining or losing. I try not to weigh myself often anymore because of that... it drives me nuts. I hope it was just a fluke, don't be too discouraged. You are doing the right things even if the scale doesn't agree today.
~ Kay

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Is it TOM? I can put on weight amazingly when she's in town.

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"You can't out-exercise poor eating habits." - nelie, 3fc
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water, salt (which leads to water retention), TOM, before/after going to the bathroom, time of day...

They all affect weight. 6 lbs from one day to the next is COMPLETELY possible and is NOT fat, it's water. Don't stress. If this makes you crazy weigh yourself less often. Once a week is enough to see trends without these little surprise blips.
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I went up 8-10 lbs after I ate wheat bread. I ate too much, but nowhere NEAR 35000 calories.
You probably have before in the past, but you don't weigh yourself as much as you do now so you don't notice it till now.

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."
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Totally normal. Water or salt. Pick a time in the morning, make sure you're empty and naked, and weigh. I weighed 171 yesterday, today I weighed 173.

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