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Default How do You Track Your Weight Loss?

So being the computer geek that I am, I figured what better way to track my weight than.... Excel! Haha! I had to get my Fiance to help me out cause it's not something I honestly use a lot. But he helped me get a spreadsheet that i can track my weight and measurements on a month to month basis..

How are you keeping track of your weight loss?
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I use excel, but I added a trend (an exponentially smoothed moving average) which I stole wholesale from the hacker's diet. My graphs have weight and trend weight.

I have a planning tab that maps my loss to the weight loss curves from Ancel Key's Minnesota starvation experiment. The formula essentially says "you lose weight quickly at first, then your loss slows as you approach your goal" It tells me how many weeks I have left, if I'm losing on-target, how many pounds I hope to lose by the next "weigh-in". I can look forward and see when I'll probably hit various milestones, etc.

I have a tab that monitors my cycle-days, so I can see that I always gain weight up to the trend line when I ovulate, and again when my period is due. And then I lose it X days later in a pattern that looks like this...

It tracks exercise, and calculates some exercise trends.

I'm up to 9 tabs now, and it's complete and utter overkill, but I like to fiddle with it, and anytime I feel stuck, or like I'm doing poorly - I can find something in it to remind me that this is all ok.

Even today, when I'm 90% sure I'm going to blow my weekly target - my spreadsheet is full of successes and reminders that it just works this way sometimes. There are clear mathematical explanations for why this week's target was pretty questionable in the first place, and I can see that I'm STILL ahead of schedule.
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I use the chart in caloriecount.about.com. Back in the old days I used to actually count calories there too, now I only go there for the chart - the best part is that it has an android app and thanks to this it only takes about 30 seconds for me to get online and note my weight these days. very comfortable and always there in my pocket to remind me
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I also use calorie count... for everything tho... its a great way for me to see if im getting the right amount of nutrients in my diet as well which is important because I have hypothyroidism

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I use LiveStrong to track my calories and I use ticker factory (see ticker below) to track my weight. You also get a chart on there. I also have a spreadsheet that I'll track my weigh ins and my measurements.

- Started at 219.8, ticker reflects the weight I was at when I got back to it after stopping for a while.
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I use fitday most of the time. I like tracking my foods, weight and activities all in the same place. I'm annoyed by the new setup though, so I may have to move onto something else.
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I use Ultimate Weight. Found it on the Android market. It has a system for tracking points, a database to look up point values, a diary to track weight and measurements (arm, neck, waist, hips, thigh, etc). Even has a database where you can scan the barcode for a food, and it will add the points to your diary for you. I really like it!
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I use fitday as well. I like the new set up, but there's way too many bugs. I've taken a look at supertracker from the usda. But I'm finding it to be a bit too limiting in some areas. For example, you cannot change your target caloric intake. It gave me 2400 calories per day, and I can't adjust it. I do like the information that is given there, however.
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