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Default Tell me it's OK to throw this away.

So, I'm eating my salad for lunch and I'm half way done and full. Full to the point that chewing my last mouthfull was making me nauseous. (could be hormones helping out here.)

Anyway. I fell like I have to finish becuase I don't want to "waste" the money I put into this food by throwing it out. How silly does that sound.

The last few years have been very tight money wise, so I'm hyper sensitive to wasting money. But maybe this is one of the reasons I've found myslef overweight, feeling like I must eat everything so as not to waste it. Hummm...
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I read somewhere once that eating food your body doesn't need is just as wasteful as throwing it out.
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Only you know if money is so tight that you can't afford to throw out half of a salad, but I would kind of guess probably not.

You don't need our permission to do this. If you want to throw it out, throw it out - but do not use your body as a garbage can. If you don't need it, it's only garbage.

You have three choices

1. you can eat it now, using yourself as a garbage can

2. put it directly in the garbage can, now


3. put it in the fridge and save it until you're hungry again (by which time it could be so unappetizing that it is garbage and you'll have to throw it away),

So this means, of your three choices, all of them (unless you're really lucky with #3) end up meaning that the salad IS or will soon be garbage regardless of your choice.

If you already know that putting it in the fridge will result in it turning to something unfit to eat - it's already garbage, you just have to decide how you're going to dispose of it - and garbage is best disposed of in the garbage can, not into your body.

The time to be frugal is at the grocery store and before the food becomes garbage, not once it has become garbage. If you buy something and bring it home and realize it IS garbage, putting it in yourself doesn't do you any good.

I don't even feel bad about throwing away even unopened junk food anymore, because I don't know any people who need it. Even food pantries are over-run with junk and often scarce on "real" wholesome food, so even giving it away is giving away garbage for someone else to put in their body in place of good food.

I figure the best use of junk food (if I'm dumb enough to buy it) is to feed all the critters and their babies at the dump - the raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, seagulls, worms, spiders, insects...
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Toss it out, and start making smaller salads. Keep some healthy snacks in case the smaller salad leaves you feeling hungry.
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I tossed it just after I posted. I think I just needed to "speak" (or more accurately write) the truth to myself. I never really thought about finishing it off is really just me being the garbage can. That makes sense though, and kind of an AHA! moment because some days I have tricked myself into thinking I had nothing to do with my weight gain. (silly and untrue I know!)
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I always think this way ...."if it doesn't go to waste then it goes to waist"

So I would much rather it in the waste then on my waist. Lol
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You can DOOO IT!
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WTG 130orbust! I have a really hard time with that too. Raised with very little, and to not waist, it is hard. Love Proatthis' quote "If it doesn't go to waste then it goes to waist." AWESOME. I'm putting that on my fridge

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a work in progress :)
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I feel the same way, but then I think about the how expensive being overweight would be in the future (medical bills, etc) and that right there is enough justification for me to waste a little bit and then like others said maybe try and plan a little differently so the situation doesn't come up again.
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