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Question Debating if I should do WW again or do online calorie counting again instead

Hi everyone.

I have been debating a lot which weight loss method I should go for, and I have tried a lot. I know I started a post before about debating going back to Jenny Craig, but because of cost and it being too restrictive, I think that online calorie counting or Weight Watchers may be more for me. I'm not sure which of those two would be better, and I know ultimately I can make that decision. I was wondering what others experiences are with WW and online calorie counting? One of the issues I have with WW is that they require you to weigh in every week and I don't like having a scale around, I get obsessed with it. WW and Livestrong's calorie counting are both good and helpful for losing weight and both have blackberry apps which is great for me, WW costs something whereas livestrong is free, and they both have message boards on their site. I don't really know what advantages WW has over livestrong's calorie counting? I'm interested in others opinions before I put any more money into WW again.


hope you are all well

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the awesome thing about livestrong (and similar sites like myfitnesspal - which i use and absolutely love) is that they also keep track of the other nutritional information. so if you need to keep an eye on carbs or sodium in particular as well as lowering your calories, it's easy to see where you stand for the day. weight watchers has the convenience of points, but sometimes calculating them all the time can be a hassle (i've done both and much prefer using the calorie counting site)

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WW user here.

They both work. In as far as tracking, they aren't really very dissimilar. There's a daily target. You reach that daily target. Then there are extra "whenever" Points that you can use however you wish. (But, that's pretty much the same as setting aside weekly calories to use whenever you want.)

The WW site itself has plenty of useful information, recipes, and a community.

For some people it's just a mental thing. Sticking to points and the specific plan they set out daily (the healthy guidelines) just clicks with them better than calorie counting.

Whereas others are perfectly capable of counting calories and making sure they follow their own plan.

Sometimes there are free sign-ups for WW. If you're curious, you could try a month, and then try a month of Calorie Counting (or vice versa). See not only the differences for yourself, but pick up healthy habits from both forms of tracking for whatever you decide to follow.
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WW is a good program I have done it but now do calorie counting as it is much more flexible and something you can do long term for maintenance and it is FREE!!!
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I found that WW online was really buggy. I use myfitnesspal now and considering that MFP is free, while WW costs nearly 20 a month after the special offer period. What made me quit was that WW didn't have a fully functional Android app, so I used my ipod touch to keep track of things and then synced the info. But it never synced correctly, if at all. And when it did it often erased the info I had put in directly via the computer.
So, in the end you have to basically keep track of everything on paper and then enter it online at the end of the day. While MFP works on Android and IPhone, and I've never had a problem syncing.
I also like that it keeps track of things like sodium and sugar and you can customize your meals up to 6 a day. It was just a much better interface.

I think its interesting that a service that runs on ad revenue is so superior to one that requires a hefty monthly payment. And if you want to go to meetings that's another 40-50 a month... And honestly, the meetings were scheduled very poorly for full time working people. I also go to school and needed weekend meetings, but they were just not available in the large urban area where I lived. I think it was b/c most of the meetings were at local churches and synagogues. I understand why these places can't rent out space on the weekends, but WW needs to find places where people can meet on the weekends... as most of us do have jobs!

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Wink Thanks for all the replies :)

Thanks so much everyone for all of the replies. I have decided to try livestrong.com again, it is a good site. I had some frustration getting the blackberry app to work which is $3, had to work that out with Sprint, but it finally works now! I went over my calories today but hey, at least I am calorie counting again. It is a real eye opener for what foods have so many calories, like my bagel with butter that I love has like over 400 calories! Yikes! I went to a party today and didn't have any of the cookies that they had out on the plates, just some pink lemonade and a biscotti. Not bad So, anyway I think I will continue to give livestrong a real try and if I don't have any luck, I'll rethink WW.

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