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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Thursday 11/19

Well, Chicks.. November is almost gone. Why does time seem to fly by so fast? Seems like I get something done and it's time to do something else.

Yesteday I took my mom out to eat. She'd had a rough day. I overate (GAH) Chinese and then felt like crud for the rest of the night.

Some good news--- FIL was transferred to the hospital's skilled rehab wing and they had him up walking yesterday. He is not as confused anymore and can carry on a conversation now. The Dr's are amazed that he survived and how well he is doing.

Nothing planned tonight.

Everyone has a great day.

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Less than 15 now!!
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Awesome that your FIL is doing so much better!! Now just gotta get DD back on the road to health. Sorry you overate at Chinese. You just went with your default programming is all...it's hard to get new habits - for me anyhow.

Got up and worked out this morning. I created a new page on my blog for calorie burn calculation and deficit. I had it all figured yesterday and was going to have a beer before bed but didn't want to cut into my deficit - so I guess it worked. I'm having a little trouble getting a straight answer on how much I need to eat with nursing. Some places say 2200 - other say 3000. That's a big difference!

Well - I just invited my friend and her two toddlers over for lunch. Better go shoot myself in the foot...ug - 8 kids for lunch...


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This means war...
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8 kids for lunch is insanity. One, one is enough for me...lol!

I must must must go workout today. I need to make myself promise that I'll strength train and do cardio.

Its still snowing and blowing like crazy here. Can't wait for December 2nd and my Orlando trip.
"A slip doesn't have to become a free fall." ~theox
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It's been raining for days and days on end here... can't get a break to get outside! I've been doing yoga and some toning with Gilad but I'm ready to get out and run, also get back to my water aerobics classes.

Glad to hear your FIL is doing better Squeak! Sorry to hear you're stuck in snow Mango... I don't miss the snow, ever! lol

Mortonpixie, don't know what I'd do with 8 kids in my house... I have 1 child and I had him YOUNG so I'm not used to anything bu teens, not that it's ANY better. These teenage girls come tearing through here shreiking- and I thought they were in high school!?

On another note I bit the bullet and started a blog here. I can't post links yet but if anyone is interested, you can find it with the link /findingmyfreedom

It's brand new so there isn't much there yet... but I plant o document all my weekly weigh ins, and eventually put a ton more stuff on there.

Anyway, I hope everyone's afternoon/evening is great! I am so far behind most everyone time zone wise, it kind of sucks...

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