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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Thurs 11/05

Morning all!

Anybody ever felt overwhelmed? I am too that point with DD, my FIL, all the dr appts, leaving work. I got a letter today from DD's school, apparently they have been counting her unexcused for all those days she was out for the flu and having surgery! I even turned in excuses. It wasn't a big deal all I had to do was call and tell them but I sent in the excuses and they still counted her unexcused??? Just one more thing I didn't need to deal with.

Dieting is good. Down 7 lbs and so happy about it. I am finally able to do more of the exercises at boot camp. I asked my instructor how to build more stamina. She said just to keep doing it. You don't improve over night (wouldn't that be so easy if we did!). She said I was doing great better than some of the others. Her comment made my day.

What's everyone up too?

Where in the world is everyone??

*come out, come out where ever you are!!!*

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I'm sorta here...

My french course is consuming my life!
I am frustrated, confused and a bit depressed about it. I hate it! I'm just not understanding things as quickly as I need to and thus I failed my midterm last week! I've gone from being an A student to failing a midterm for gawd sake's!

I'm freaking out about it and the only good thing I've been doing is walking the dog for at least 30 mins every night to get away from my homework for awhile!

DH comes home tonight so my eating habits will start to get better again but...UGH!

My word for today is: FED-UP!

Beth - congrats on the 7lbs!

CURRENT Goal: Healthy Baby! http://gettindowntoit.blogspot.com/

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Squeaks- Congrats on 7 lbs!

Wifey - Keep it up! I bet it doesn't feel like it now, but french is a beautiful language.

My son is sick. He just turned 20 months old today. It's the first time he's been sick enough that I have called the doctor's office... With a fever of 103 degrees, and it sounding like he's having a hard time breathing, do you know what they told me? Don't bother bringing him in because probably not a big deal. I know that I might be having first time mom syndrome here... so I'm just watching him closely and hoping we both survive this (him with his health and me with my anxiety!)

I hope everyone else is staying healthy!!

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Squeak: Congrats on the 7 lbs, and with all the stress too.

Wifey: I'm taking nutrition courses right now, 2 of them for 12 credits and they are kicking my butt too. And I feel like I"m putting in the time studying just, for some reason, I'm slipping. Chin up, maybe we should start a 30 something and a student again support thread...lol!

Kaybelle: Wow, I can't beleive they said not to bother to bring him in. When we have a peds patient with a temp over 101 and respiritory issues we see them immediately, especially with swine flu going around, those are symptoms consistent with H1N1. And if he's preverbal it's not like he can tell you the other symptoms that you can't see, like muscle aches and severe headache. Poor baby, I hope he gets well soon. If he's not breaking his fever by tomorrow you should just take him in anyways.
"A slip doesn't have to become a free fall." ~theox
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Squeak: Super congrats on the 7 lbs...use all the other frustrations and channel them into your workouts...I get the best workouts when I'm mad at the bureaucracy...

Wifey and Mango: I totally applaud your dieting with educational pursuits. I just finished my PhD a couple years ago and it was terribly hard to stay in shape while in school (I think I gained 30 lbs in the first year and spent the next 2 trying to get it back off so I wouldn't get kicked out of the Air Force).

Kaybelle: If you feel like your baby needs to see the doc, take him in. One time when my youngest was about 20 months old, I took him straight to the clinic after the daycare called me to pick him up. They read me the riot act because I didn't try Tylenol first...I told them that I lived 30 minutes away...if I had gone home/medicated him/brought him back they would have been closed and would have had to go off-base. Turns out, he had walking pneumonia...I made sure the nurse who yelled at me knew it before we left to go home...

Today's been OK. I already got one workout in, so I'm ahead of the game today....hopefully that holds and I do my walk tonight.
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Squeak Good job on the seven pounds.
Wifey and Mango good job on the education and the dieting.
Kaybelle Take him in a fever of 103 for a baby is not good. Also smack that doctor for me please.

So far things are good I got up and on the scale and am down 20 lbs I reached my second mini goal.

1 for every ten pounds lost.
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Thanks Mango!

I'm working full-time and doing the courses on my own time...therefore...it feels like it's consuming my life...7 more classes to go!!!

CURRENT Goal: Healthy Baby! http://gettindowntoit.blogspot.com/
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