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Default Alternatives to Soft Drinks

I'm pretty new here and I'm looking for some good alternatives to soft drinks and sweetened drinks. I really don't like the taste of Diet drinks or most flavored waters. I'm at a loss here and really don't want to drink my calories.
Any suggestions?
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Good ol' water, with maybe a slice of lemon or orange. Ice tea with stevia sweetener. Those are my go-to's
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One of my favs is to steep a chai tea bag in a quart of cool water for 5-8 min. You can sweeten with splenda or other substitute of your choosing and add ice. I also love green tea the same way with a little lemon juice. Another fave is to mix green and mint tea, sugar substitute and lemon is also good in this . I also don't mind the taste the of crystal lite, other than it is far too sweet for me so I water it down by at least half. Hope this helps and hope some are new ideas for you.
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I have switched from drinking sodas to flavored sprakling water. They are carbonated so you still get that fizz, plus it's flavored, so it's not plain water and it's cheap. I get 1 liter bottles for around 68 cents!

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I like the unflavored sparkling water...I picked up the taste for it in Europe. Also, last year I gave up artificial sweeteners. I read a book on how little they are actually tested and the possible health effects and it scared the living daylights out of me....Anyway, the bubbly water gives the feeling of soda w/o the sugar or artificial stuff.

I also just like plain old water, you can't beat the original!
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Another one is 1 part all natural juice and one part sparkling water. You can gradually decrease the amount of juice and increase the amount of water as you get used to the taste. I hope you find something that works for you.
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yes I hear in europe everything is carbinated!
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How about unsweetened iced tea? Delicious!
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love iced tea (no sweetner), seltzer water, flavered seltzer as above...

I like crystal lite, especially as an "icee" blended in the magic bullet with some ice. Makes a great zero calorie dessert.
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I enjoy buying some oranges, and squeezing a couple of slices into some sparkling water... anything really that can naturally sweeten the water (which can be a challenge, especially when comparing it to soda, lol)

But since I quit drinking soda, I actually find it too sweet now!

I love some of your ideas ladies, I want to try the crystal light icee!
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I struggle too with drinking too many soft drinks. I do drink diet...but the thought of all of those chemicals really does make me shiver

As I was reading this I did have a brain wave...I remember YEARS AGO how hard it was to get used to diet soda and now when I take a drink, by mistake, of a regular soda how nasty it tastes. Sooooo there is hope for my little taste buds to get used to something else! Hummm

I do hate to switch to some sort of drink that requires me to purchase a plastic bottle on a regular basis. I drink my soda in cans because of the recycling and environment issues. With that said, I am going to work on drinking more water (and actually use one of the 45-million reusable water bottles I have purchased over the years)!

TTFN Cathy
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