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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Wednesday 10/21

Good Morning! And Happy Wednesday!!

Well, my bread making adventure has yet to yield a loaf that has risen. I've checked my yeast and even adjusted the setting on the bread maker and still come out with a lovely low-sugar whole wheat BRICK.

I am pretending today that I am well rested and my 5mo old baby has miraculously started sleeping more than 2 hours at a shot - c'mon pretend with me - what a beautiful day, gee the world looks so nice from here...

We had pork chops with mushroom soup on them for supper last night. I snacked a little on some string cheese and almonds after dinner...it tasted so good with my glass of white wine.

I baked some more Spiced Bran Bites last night. My family calls them Butt Cookies - because they are very friendly to your digestive system.

How's everyone else doing?
I'm calling you out chicks!! Missing some of you lately!

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Why, Morton, how well rested you look! It must be so wonderful now that the little one is sleeping through the night (Did that help?)

Things have been pretty wretched on my end. After all my big talk about keeping sh!t together and getting "right back on track" I feel kind of stupid. Yesterday was day 5 of eating way too much and exercising way too little -- for NO GOOD REASON. My only (potential) saving grace is that I'll be away from my scale Friday morning, so I'll be doing my official weigh in on Saturday -- which gives me an extra day to get my butt back on track. I'm hoping that I can reverse some of the damage.

I'm perfectly aware that I haven't actually gained the amount of weight that the scale says I have. That would be biologically impossible. A pound or two I could see, but not the multiple pounds that are showing up on the scale. I figure that if I can get just ONE day of enough water, low sodium, and not eating late -- that should get rid of the bloat and then I can see where I REALLY stand. Then I have two more days to exercise and eat toward the low end of my calorie range. That should hopefully get me back down enough that I'm at least CLOSE to maintaining for the week.

So I have a good plan, now I just have to IMPLEMENT it. I was hoping for a couple of good weeks before I went to Vegas. I was secretly hoping to be in the 170's before I left. But that's not going to happen, so now I'm just hoping to reverse this weeks damage and maybe see a little bit of a loss next week before I go and EAT EAT EAT (while WALKING WALKING WALKING, of course ) in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Minneapolis/St. Paul for a conference, so 4.5 hours in the car isn't really exciting me. Then all day Friday I'm at the conference and then have to drive home. Yuck. Both activity AND food are going to be tough on Friday, so even though I'm getting an extra day for weigh in it's not going to be an easy day...

I hope everyone else is doing better than I am this week! Have a SPECTACULAR day!
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mortonpixie - fake it 'til you make it! I definitely embrace that saying! Hope your day went well!

Rebound - You are one busy gal! I am impressed you have the time to think about dieting with all the travel you do. Good luck with your trip, and hopefully you get the numbers you want!

I am still going strong over here, which can be SO rare with me! Life has been pretty stressful since we moved and staying on plan hasn't been my way of coping! Anyways, have a good night!


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yeast doesn't work w/o a little sugar, at least.....
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