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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Tues. 10/13

Morning all!

Yesterday I went to my first "bootcamp" exercise class. WOW!! It kicked my butt. It was similar to 30 DS with interval training. Wednesday we are to bring our hand weights so we can work on our upper body.

I did something really stupid. I ate a small lunch then no snack. I thought I would grab something when I went home to change and forgot. (I know... how in the heck did I forget to eat?... never happened to me before) so I am driving to bootcamp and I get the shakes. I pulled over at a gas station hoping for some fruit. Nuttin.. so I found some fig newtons, better than what I would have previously opted for. They ended up being 4 points but they were counted and journaled so all was good.

This afternoon I am taking DD to the ENT. I am hoping he helps her. She has had this headache since August. 3 rounds of antibiotics, it's time they do something.

How is everyone else today?

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Ohhh.... I forgot. I wanted to share this recipe. My brother makes this and takes it church. It is always gobbled up. I had never tried because I assumed it was very fattening. After I tasted it I was in shock at how good it was. Then when I asked for the recipe I was in even more shock because it comes out VERY low pts at only 1 point per serving.

2 lbs seedless grapes- wash and let COMPLETELY dry
8 oz FF cream cheese- room temp
8 oz FF sour cream
1/4 cup splenda
1 tsp vanilla

Mix cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla with blender. Then stir in grapes. I like mix green and red grapes but any kind of grape is good. Pour out into a 9x13 or similar sized pan. Sprinkle with:

1/4 cup brown sugar splenda
1/4 cup pecans pcs.

Let set for at least 2 hours before serving so the brown sugar will melt into the cream mixture.

I get about 20 servings.

You can also make it with full fat cream cheese and sour cream and real sugars. Of course the calories and points will change.

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Beth - wow, hope something helps your baby girl. And I know how you get to busy to eat - shoot - I think we all should weigh about 110lbs with all the running we do. What I do is forget to eat, then make bad choices cuz I am STARVING.

Well, I had some sleep last night. My ever-patient husband took the couch again. I went to lay down and feed Cameron about 7:30 and both of us fell asleep til about 11pm. I got up to put baby in his crib and DH said to just leave him and try to get some sleep. It helps to have Cam right there with me, I just pull him close and feed him and we both go back to sleep. I miss DH though.

Today is DH's day off so I have an eye appointment at 10am. I'm going to get some new glasses, yay! DH will stay with the kids...I might get lost and forget to come home!

I had breakfast before things got to crazy again today. A step in the right direction. I have been making myself wait 20 minutes before I have seconds of supper...that works, though last night instead of seconds I had ice cream.

Don't know what's going on for meals today. Probably left over Baked Penne for lunch, then maybe Stroganoff for supper?

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We're going to vegas!! We booked almost an entire week at the beginning of November. Now I have ALL sorts of things to do at work instead of working!

Things are holding pretty steady here. I've been pretty on track with everything although sometimes it feels like a struggle. I'm thinking I'll see a pound loss this week maybe. After a 4 pound week I can't really expect more than that.

I called my mom to ask her how to cook the steak I had purchased. She said "Steak? Sounds fancy. Did you get a job?" I had to tell her that no, I hadn't gotten a job and the only reason we had the steak is because it was in the sale meat section because it was about to turn It turned out well, though! I managed to not over cook it and we had steak and sweet potatoes and steamed veggies for dinner. The hubs and I were both very pleased.

Tonight I have to use up some shrimp that I bought (on sale...) and tomorrow I'm trying a Hungry Girl recipe for lasagna. I'm still trying to find the perfect lasagna recipe...

I hope everyone has a marvelous day!
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Hello, everyone!
Beth, I will definitely have to try that recipe! Sounds good. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Mortonpixie, glad you got some sleep, and you even get an outing with no kids!

Rebound, your steak sounds really good. I will need to look for some sale like that.

I'm not up to par today. I have a cold coming on, and I was supposed to get together with a friend today. I guess I will have to cancel. Didn't have a good "eating" day yesterday because colds always make me really hungry feeling, even if I'm not actually hungry. Going to take some more Zicam.

Everyone have a good day!
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Morning Lassies!

Today is going to suck, and then after that, I'm off (for the most part with the exception of friday payroll) for a week. I have a meeting with the boss, in which I will rip her a new a-hole for not firing someone sooner because they basically effed us out of two years worth of billing. This could potentially sink us, and it could have been avoided has someone fired someone a long time ago. I'm irrate. Its not just my job security at stake, its my whole staff and I'm the one that gets to clean up this whole mess and ultimatly take responsibility for something that could have been controlled had I had the power to terminate. Hate hate hate today. Stress stress stress. And my boss wanted to make it a lunch meeting. I said no, prefer not to eat at a restaurant when stressed. I'd probably eat a whole buffet worth of food.

I have cardio tonight, and then a whole week (SQUEEEEEE!) to work out as I see fit. Ya, I do get excited about being able to work out because it seems like I'm always struggling to fit it in and I actually WANT to do it.
MP, glad you got that sleep last night, I was getting worried about you.

Squeak: that recipe sounds delish!

Rebound: Now I want steak for dinner!

Candes: I hope you nip that cold in the bud before it takes over your body. Get sleep, drink lots of water!
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