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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: Tues 09/15

Mornin' ladies!

Just starting us up for today!

Can someone PLEASE make me like oatmeal?!?!!!
I have had a blueberry muffin for breakfast 2 days in a row now...I'm bored with fruit and a yogurt for breakfast. DH bought a big box of single packets of oatmeal and I know I should be having that everyday...any suggestions to spruce it up enough for me to like it?? I'm not really a cereal person and when I was a kid...my parents forced us to eat hot cereal and therefore, I don't like it as an adult.

I need some and some suggestions please!

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Wifey - we eat oatmeal about 2x's a week. I buy the old fashioned kind because I don't like it "sloppy". I like about equal parts water to oats. Also, 2tsp of brown sugar and a 1Tbsp of Lite syrup make a cup of oats a whoooole lot tastier and it's only adding about 50 calories. (***only***) I guess it's worth it to me to get it choked down. Oats are so good for us in so many ways. And it's great for milk supply.

Just getting into the swing today. I had my last PT session on my back this morning at 7am. Came home to house full of kids, already rinsed out one kid's outfit and had to wash a bouncy seat cover - yuck. I call this kid Destroyer of Textiles. His diapers leak poop - and they are Huggies ($$$) btw. !!

Okay, kids a fussin' - my own baby hasn't had a dirty diaper since Friday...he's very fussy - I've tried apple juice with water (he's only 4mo) and am getting a bit concerned.

Gotta go - have a great Tuesday!

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Man, it's been quiet in here lately!

After a 3 pound jump from sodium/heavy food/traveling, one day of good clean eating, lots of water, and exercise have brought me back down to where I was before I left for the wedding. The wedding was great! I wore this BEAUTIFUL dress that I only really get to wear at weddings. I found it at Macy's last year and it's an amazing rich silk in a vibrant green. It was like a $500 dress and I think I paid $36 for it I love it and wear it to every wedding I attend. (Although for a few weddings there it was quite tight.) It's a fitted bodice with empire waist, so even when I was busting out of it I could still get is closed. I just added a brown silk shrug on top to cover all the bulges and the full skirt kept everything else hidden. But I looked GOOD in it this weekend!

The day we flew back I wasn't proud of myself... I bought and ate a king sized twix bar while my hubby was in the airport bathroom, then on the way back home after we landed I had a burger and frosty from Wendy's. But, again, I'm proud that I got RIGHT BACK on track the very next morning with a 1200 calorie day and a lot of good activity.

This morning I shredded, and I tried Level 2 to switch things up. I've worked my way through all the levels but I don't quite feel up to starting a while new DVD so I'm just repeating the workouts. I'm sure I'll hurt tomorrow -- whenever I do an old level for the first time in a while it hurts all new muscles.

We need to go shopping, so I am sadly forced to eat Lean Cuisine. I often don't mind frozen meals, but I just am not into eating packaged food right now. Oh well -- they have to get eaten eventually! And at least I'm doing better than the random assortment of things from the fridge that I'm slapping between two slices of bread and calling a "sandwich" for my husband's lunch!

I'll be taking my lunchtime walk, then going to the barn after work. I had a wonderful ride yesterday evening. It really made my night

I hope everyone has a VIBRANT day!
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What a horrible day. Dd is home in the bed with a headache still. Still no neurologist appt. waiting, waiting, waiting... Then I came in to work and was puked on first thing. All over my hand and arm... yuck. I don't normally flinch but the smell and texture... shewwww. I about lost my breakfast. Then dealing with a irrational parent. To top all that off I have the worst crick in my neck I have ever had. I can't even move my rt arm/shoulder. OMG! When will it end.. I don't like wishing my life away but I can't wait till this day is over.

Wifey- I like oatmeal but not the instant kind. I like brown sugar splenda in mine and a piece of toast that I tear up and put in it. I have heard that steel cut oats are better but have never ventured to try them.

Mort- I never liked Huggies. I thought they weren't worth the money. Dd would always pee or poo out of them. I liked Luvs the best. Those things can hold a big "load" and never leak at all.

Re- I think we've all had issues with candy bars this week. Getting back on track is the best thing to do. I hear ya on the frozen meals. I just can't seem to choke them down unless absolutely necessary. Why grab a frozen meal when homemade taste so much better?

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Squeak- prayers for you and your family.
The scale finally moved for me it was stuck and then I got on this morning and it was down a lb, also ladies I have lost 9.5 inches off my waist and seven inches off my bust. Have a great week all of you. Hugs and kisses and prayers.

1 for every ten pounds lost.
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