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I was one of those people (at a really, really bad time in my life), but the converse is that when I was happy, I put on weight. I'd rather be happy/thin-miserable/fat than happy/fat-miserable/thin!
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The reason we don't loose it is our metabolism is sluggish and after years of doing the eating for stress and depression it's the one thing that won't leave us, or mock us or make us feel worthless, so that is why I feel we turn to food for comfort. Yes I too wish I had a fast metabolism as well.
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Well, I can honestly say that I forget to eat when I am stressed. I frequently will be working away at my desk and wonder why the **** I'm so hungry...then realize it's 3pm and I haven't stopped for anything but a trip to the coffee machine or the little boy's room (to recycle that coffee, naturally). That includes stopping to EAT LUNCH. You know - the lunch that's sitting right beside me. So, maybe that does make me a "special kind of stupid".

But even if I forget to eat while I'm busy, I definitely make up for it when the busy drops but the stress/heightened emotions don't. Then I binge - looking for that rush or whatever comes with the comfort food de jour. Sometimes it's eating far too much meat, sometimes it's eating way too much junk food. (But never way too much fruit/veggies...huh....imagine that. )

So, girls, I know all to well what you're talking about and it would certainly be different if I lost weight in these situations. That being said, it's probably one of those things that you'd not be happy about in either situation...we should just look for ways to be less stressed and less emotionally worked up. Then we wouldn't have to worry about the ups & downs in weight.
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This post reminds me of when I was engaged and doing my final dress fittings, everyone was saying "oh! You will lose weight before the wedding with all the business and stress"-- HA!!! I had to work even harder to lose weight b/c there were so many social outtings attached to the wedding. It was nightmarish.

I since have gained over 40 lbs since I got married. The smallest I have been in 10 years was my wedding day-- and I was happy at that weight, it was still considered "over weight" but for ME-- it was perfect.... I've always been bigger and I think I am attractive this way but right now, I am WAY TOO BIG, those 40+ pounds need to come off PRONTO!

When I am busy and stressy, I never have forgotten to eat. NEVER.
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When I was younger (and thinner) I would forget to eat during the day because I was so busy. I got happy when I forgot to eat because it meant I was losing weight. But I am with you, I would love to not eat when Im stressed/depressed, etc.
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I have wished that. The only times I forget to eat are when I get completely absorbed in what I'm doing and lose track of time and things around me.
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I have always wanted to 'not be able' to eat because of stress, and heartache or whatever. NOT ME...I eat when I am bored, stressed, angry, lonly, upset, heartbroken, anxious, content, happy, celebrtatory, melancholy....etc etc...whatever!
the only time I dont eat is when I'm horny!!! j/k LOL...Sorry!!
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