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One step at a time...
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Default My introduction

Well, I suppose I should introduce myself! I'm mere weeks away from 30 so I thought it would be better to start out in here. I checked out the 20-something forum but they all seemed so young!

I had always been kind of chubby, but after a car accident and a series of knee surgeries that forced me into a wheelchair for a few months and then crutches for another few months, I suddenly weighed over 200 pounds, which was a number I'd never seen before and it scared the crap out of me.

I got down to business, started doing WW on my own, and dropped to 150. I felt great. I looked awesome! (I'm 5/6 but I must carry my weight well because at 150 I was a size 6.) I felt sexy. I loved my body. In fact, I still don't think people know exactly how high my weight is...

But then I got complacent and life kind of got away from me. I got married, then I stared to gain. I managed to hold it kind of together and as of last October was around 180 and wearing size 14 shorts. Then we (my husband and I) had some stressful times with employment and family health and economic problems. Well, I could only hold so much together at once and it was healthy habits that fell behind.

Suddenly I was buying more and more pants in bigger and bigger sizes. I shopped at Lane Bryant and finally weighed myself again. I was doing things that I'd never done before -- stopping for fast food on the way home and pretending I hadn't eaten. Buying a pint of Ben and Jerry's and eating it in the parking lot on the way home. Making sure I went grocery shopping alone so that I could buy 2 or 3 donuts to eat on the way home. Even when I'd been heavier, I'd never had these sorts of habits.

I finally weighed myself. I was 227. I was flabbergasted. I was beside myself. I couldn't believe it. It was a number that I had never seen or even imagined seeing and it scared the holy **** out of me. About a month ago I started trying to get back into the habits that had helped me lose the 50 pounds in the first place. I lost ten (down to 217) and then kind of fell off the wagon.

As of last Friday morning I was ready again to get down to business. It feels different this time. It feels like this time I'm going to make it work. I'm now starting at 224, so at least I'm 3 pounds better off than I could be, right?

What am I doing differently this time?

More planning. I've always been good about breakfasts and lunches, but dinners with the hubby have been tough. Not because he isn't supportive -- he is the MOST supportive man you'd ever want to meet. But we both work and when we'd get home and think about cooking dinner it was just too hard. Either there wasn't anything to cook, or more frequently, there was food but it was all frozen. We'd end up going out to dinner because it was easier than figuring anything else out. Now I have a 2 week dinner plan. I know what I need to buy, and I know when I have to take things out to thaw. If hubby is home first he can start, that way there is no question about what we're eating and now need to go out to dinner.

More reasonable exercise goals. When I try to start back up with my health habits, I tend to jump ALL the way in right away. When I was lighter I was very active. I loved to run and lift and did a lot of cardio and ran a lot of 5k's and 10k's and did sprint triathlons. So the few times I've tried to re-start over the past year I've tried to jump right into the same level of exercise I was at when I weighed 150. All it did was hurt me and discourage me. This time I'm easing into it slowly. Instead of pounding myself through a 3 mile run or trying to blast out 45 tough minutes on the elliptical, I'm just walking. 30 minutes in the morning with the dogs, 30 minutes at lunch time, sometimes another 30 minutes in the evening with the dogs AND the husband. I'm excited to start adding in a little resistance training in the next week or so, but for now I'm happy that I'm being active without getting discouraged. There are 74 extra pounds on my legs and knees right now and I need to remember that.

More reasonable calorie goals. Instead of dropping right to a 1200 calorie goal, I'm sticking with a higher goal. In points land, instead of 22 points, I'm starting with 25 points. And I'm trying to keep an weekly average of 25 points a day, so if I eat 27 one day and 23 the next, it's still a success. This helps not only keep me full and ease the transition into healthy eating, but it means I can still be OP even if I go a little over one day.

Less focus on the details. I can get REALLY obsessed with protein/fiber/fat etc. For now to start with, I'm just trying to get one thing under control at a time. I try to make sure I get lots of protein and lots of fiber, but I'm lot letting myself stress out about the exact percentages. When I have been OP for a few weeks I'll feel strong enough to get a little more strict, but for now I'm just going for "big-picture" success.

Well, that's my current plan. My official weigh in is tomorrow morning, but I couldn't resist stepping on the scale this morning and I was just under 220. I'm feeling strong. I'm feeling sure of myself. I can do this again! I did it once and I KNOW how happy I am when I weigh 150. I want to get there again. I WILL get there again!

So, I'm excited to have found this board and I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Rebound! You are off to a GREAT start! And you've done it before, so you knwo what you need to do! Keep up the good work!
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Welcome, Rebound!!!

I swear when you talk about the whole eating out thing, you might as well be talking about me a yr ago. At the time (and for about 3 yrs), I owned the business I have now PLUS I owned a wine retail boutique. I wouldn't get home until 7 or so and making dinner was so hard because I would ALWAYS forget to take things out of the freezer or I would not have planned properly and would not have 1 or 2 things to complete a dish. So, like you, I would go out to dinner or do take out somewhere. It was an every day thing to be eating out. Ya, it was expensive but the larger cost was my waist and thighs! I did a lot of the same things that you are doing. I planned out meals that my family would like, I got rid of the bad-for-you things and I don't buy them any more. I still keep it pretty loose. A typical day I will give the fam some options and I will make whatever we are in the mood for but having it all planned out must be so time-saving.

So, I think you have a GREAT plan and it really looks like you are on track for taking this weight off! Good Luck and please keep coming back to 3FCs. We all need as much support as possible to get through this and I KNOW you will!
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You sound so much like a lot of us on here. Good thing is that we all have each other around for support!

Everyone needs a kick in the butt every now and then to get motivated!

1st goal - get UNDER 200!!!
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Welcome aboard, Rebound!!

Congratulations on getting below 220!! It feels great to look forward to getting on the scale, doesn't i?

I can completely relate to you on your meal issue. We used to eat dinner out EVERY day because it was easy and less time consuming. Fortunately I have recently been able to start working from home, which has helped out a ton. Not only am I sticking to the right foods, but we're saving money as well!! Have you tried cooking at all with a crock pot? So you can toss everything in before you go to work, and voila, you come home and dinner is ready!! I've done a full small turkey in there, chicken, pork and beef. You can also do some great stews or some yummy soups with some healthy beans and veggies!!

Keep up the great work, I can't wait to hear your new results!
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I never thought I'd see myself at 225 either! I'm glad that there are boards like this that we can get and give support!

You can do it!!
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!

Like you and many people here, I'm trying to stay back on the wagon. I think the most important thing I'm learning this time is to accept minor setbacks and look at the big picture. It sounds like you're doing this too!

It looks like you have a great plan in place. This is a great place to come when you need help sticking to it!

I hear ya on the meal planning issue. One thing that has been working for me (as I work long hours and only have myself and a boyfriend to worry about) has been Fresh & Easy. They have alot of really nice fresh and frozen pre-made meals that are inexpensive (or about what you'd pay for fast food) and tasty. For this gal, who never plans in advance, it's a lifesaver. Granted, I'm doing the BodyBugg system, so I'm not as concerned with carbs or whatnot, just general calories.

Best of luck to you!
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It sounds like a great plan!
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