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Default 30-Something Daily Chat: Monday, 4/6/09

Just getting us started.

How was everyone's weekend? Mine wasn't too bad. Sunday, I got a nasty headache at about 11am. It's still lingering a little this morning.

I have an essay plan that I should have had in on Friday, but absolutely has to be done tonight. This is my last essay, and then I will be through with English Composition.

I'm happy to have my hubby on board with loosing weight. He's cringing a bit, because he's a big eater. We both went to the grocery store, and he made some good choices.

Today was my weigh-in. I am down another pound. I have 2 more pounds to be under 210. I have decided what my reward will be. You guys are going to cringe. I'm going to get a wax. Yup down there. I've never done that before, but that's what I decided. Talk to ya later!

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a wax ? that's gonna hurt! lol I've never had one either but I get my eye brows done. The worst thing I ever I have ever done is have my lip waxed. Made me cry LOL and I didn't even have much hair just a few of the little blonde one.

We have a wonderful day yesterday. Went to church, had a great service, then came home and ate Rotisserie chicken, green beans, my new fav. food- Alexia potatoes with rosemary, garlic and olive oil, and a bowl of cantaloupe. Then Dh, DD and I went out in his john boat to fish on the lake. We all three caught a 12-14 inch Striped bass. But we didn't keep them. DH ran into a friend of his and he gave them to him. I would cook them if he would cleaned them but he doesn't like fish and isn't very good at cleaning them so we either release them or give them to someone else.

Today is going to be busy. I have work, then go home cook for me. ( I want something different than DH today) and then cook another meal for DH and his friend who is coming over. But I don't mind because they are going to be working on putting in a new dishwasher! I don't have one at all right now so no complaints from me!!

Then I have to leave for bible study tonight at 6, should be home before 9. Then it 's the whole bedtime routine and then I will fall into bed!.

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Originally Posted by SapphireBlue View Post
Just getting us started.

Today was my weigh-in. I am down another pound. I have 2 more pounds to be under 210. I have decided what my reward will be. You guys are going to cringe. I'm going to get a wax. Yup down there. I've never done that before, but that's what I decided. Talk to ya later!

Yay you for losing another pound but OMG...that is TOO funny! To me...that's not a reward...that's torture! I'd rather go to the gym!

I hope your headache goes away soon!!

Pretty busy weekend for me...crappy weather though which was sucky! I was complaining about the rain but now it's currently snowing like crazy!

I had a couple of treats at a friend's potluck on Saturday, but I didn't overeat and I ate pretty well this weekend.
Gotta get my butt to the gym though...NO EXCUSES!

I'm off to fill up my water bottle now...

CURRENT Goal: Healthy Baby! http://gettindowntoit.blogspot.com/
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Hi all!

Sapp, girl, you're insane! I just had my eyebrows done and I nearly jumped out of the chair! COngrats on the pound!

Hi everyone else! It's thunderstorming here today, on and off. I'm staying inside and dry!
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hey there..been busy with work but doing well.
Sapp-i'm probably one of the few who doesn't think you are crazy. I use to routinely get waxed down there...i love the after effect..hair free for about 4-6 wk. It hurts the first few times..but really the hair follicles get looser after a few waxers. Please find a good one...a good waxer will actually have you get in different positions to help "stretch" the skin so it hurts a lot less...so don't be weirded out if she has you position you legs in a weird way or have you help hold some of the skin...and trust me..it really does make a difference when the skin is stretched out hurts way less. I miss having the extra $$$ for waxing..it was a luxury i really liked ..ok so not the actual process but the effect...i get really really bad ingrown hairs with shaving down there and waxing was wonderful. Good for you on your wt loss
squek-man you should take advantage of that fresh fish...healhty for you. Tell DH to learn to cut/clean fish better LMAO...i know how to do it..but that's because i was a tomboy growing up and use to go fishing all the time and dad taught me to cut/clean my own fish

as for me...been very busy hence the lack of surface time on 3fc. I'm not doing well on the eating department and got lots going on. I keep saying i need to get better but not doing it. Ugghhh oh well...i need to try harder.

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Hey all!

Way to reach those goals Sapphire! Awesome job. One way to look at it...at least the headache will seem less painful when the wax happens! OUCH! You have a sadistic sense of reward, but more power to you! Enjoy!

I will agree with GatorGal in that it gets easier as time goes by. I don't do the waxing thing, but due to some scarring and other skin issues I went for electrolysis for about a year. It did get easier, and quicker after a while and I haven't been back since because it took care of the problem. Mine was facial, not 'down under' but hair follicles are hair follicles no matter where they are.

Good luck!
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Sapph: good on you for getting the wax. I don't get them, but I do shave and it looks good and makes you feel good about yourself- kind of like your own little secret. Hubby/Partner will like it too.

Weekend was great: DH was home on Saturday from a week away. Got lots of chores done over the weekend that we needed to get done. Also had a good 70 minute walk with the dog out in one of the parks (not so much a park, but a dog trail through some nice bush!)

Feeling guilty today: ate McD's for lunch (eep!) and not the pasta in the fridge. Just couldn't stand eating something that I needed to heat up. But I've got the rest of the day sorted, so it'll be red beans for dinner (low cal, low fat) and I'll slide in under 1800. But it was a cardio day today: 676 cals burned. I reckon for every 500 I burn, I can eat 100. Still, no excuse for the Macca's. I'll just do good for the rest of the day.

Remember: You are a person worthy of respect and love. You ARE beautiful.
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My weekend is good. I stayed at home to watch TV, some TV project is funny. In the evening on friday I Had a walk with my husband. We went to the gym on sunday.
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Morning everyone,
I have to say good for you on the wax idea, the first time wont be pleasant but like the other lady said you will be happy once its done, I have my own day spa, and brazilian waxes are more popular right now than basic bikini....
Trust me you wont ever go back to shaving if you can help it, you feel so clean afterwards.....usually I would put some baby powder on the area I am waxing as, alot of my clients prefer this and says it doesnt pull as much as you are applying the wax, just remember also to prevent ingrown hairs give it a few days to make sure your not as sensitive then start loofering down below, so that way this will remove the dead skin so the hair can grow thru, also again the posistion thing can be a little uncomfortable at first, but it all helps, and also the stretching is a big key, will also prevent brusing..............
Dont go to close to around tom, even leave it a few days after if need be as we are still sensitive for a couple days....
I know you will be happy with the result, and just remember this is there job they have seen it all before so dont be nervous...........best of luck...
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