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Default 30 Something daily chat Friday Feb 20th

Good morning all. Hope everyone is well. I'm so happy i have another weekend off... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure what i'm going to do..but i'm excited.

Ranger...i'm impressed at you still going for it. Great job for getting up early and going to the gym. You are really an inspiration. I need to force myself to do that since i can't seem to get motivated at night. I know i always do better in the morning.

Hope everyone is well..got to run and get ready for work!

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Gooooood Mornin' Ladies!!


I have a few apts. and errands to do today. Along with going to the library and gym. A busy in the truck most of the morning-afternoon kinda day. Tomorrow I am having an Adult night Out with a few other couples. Been looking forward to it for a lil while, and now that it is almost here, I am all giddy . I love my kids, but I also love my time w/o them. Just me and the hubs and a few great friends. Ahhhh...

Well off to get the kiddies showered and ready... I'll try and stop by later...
* * DAWN * *
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Good morning! It has been a while for me posting, but I have been tracking on TDP, and I took a dare to track for 14 days in a row (a piece of cake, since I already do it daily), and then you can win an ipod touch! I have been lusting after one of these for almost 6 months, but I would rather buy groceries and stuff!!

Still plateau-ing, but hoping that a change in my diet...eating MORE calories, with more protein rather than carbs (my favorite!) and different exercises, including weights...will help me to "shock" my big ol' fat cells into submission!!

Hope you all have a great day...2 dates this weekend with my hubby...a party on Friday, and the firemen's dance on Saturday. Can't wait!!
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Hello everyone!
new routine here at home, I am the one getting up w/DS, he asked me to get up w/him in the morning with him, he likes it, so here I am! I can barely function! LOL of course I am up 1/2 hr before he is up, so I can get "ready" I need my or I am not normal!!!

Pear I think you are so right! it is so important to have adult time, you are going to enjoy it! what are you doing?

GG are you guys OK, have you been affected by the tornados?

Sean needs my attention!!!

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Good morning everyone! I finally have a day off, and trying to find incentive to do my exercise. I haven't exercised in about 10 days, since I've been at work all those days. Very tired today......

A friend of mine and I are talking about doing the Crescent City Classic, which is a 6.2 mile run or walk. Its in another 6 weeks, so if we're doing it, I really need to start training for it.

Other than that, I"m just tackling my constantly growing laundry pile.

Have a good day!
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Good Morning!!!

Well I am proud of myself today. I went to the gym last night even though I didn't want to. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill & 30 minutes working with weights .

I'm hoping to go again tonight.

Hope everyone has a great day!

I will weigh in tomorrow morning and let's hope I see some improvement on the scale!

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anniedoll - 6.2 miles - impressive. My sister and I are doing a 5k in May and I have been working really hard at being able to run the entire time. Running makes me feel old because my knees hurt and I run like an old lady, but it's easy exercise and I don't have to go to a gym.

LAst night I went to book club and ate a piece of cheesecake. I used to eat a dessert every night and I haven't done it in 8 months now so eating a real dessert was a nice. It wasn't as good as it is in my fantasy though.
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On my way to a size 10!
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rileyozzy - I freakin love cheesecake. In fact when I reach my 1st mini goal, that will be my prize. One slice of New York style cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.
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Hi All!

Robby & I ran some errands this AM...in the freezing cold! I've had enough of this crap. Just primed one of the kitchen walls that needed to be re-spackled and primed. Hoping it will give DH a little motivation to finish the darn kitchen. I'm sick of living this way.

Have a great day all!
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I'm feeling better since yesterday when I wrote. I ate a light dinner and took a Zantac before bed. I did not wake up at all last night with stomach pain. I got so much sleep that I have not gotten in the last week.

My hubby had an interview today with a new hotel opening to be their facilities technician. He's an electrician by trade. He's been having reduced hours with his current job, and he's had a few layoffs. There was a job fair for a new hotel and we were really excited. He just called me a few mins ago. His interview went well, but they are not offering near enough money. It was ridiculous the amount. It was $10.31. He made more than that being a desk clerk. They want a skilled technician for that amount of money. No way! So now he's really disappointed, because he was hoping this would be a new start for him. I'm pretty bummed too. I think this company is taking advantage of the fact people are desperate for work. They know someone will take it. He told them, "I hope you find the talent you are looking for with the amount you are willing to pay." He makes more on reduced hours than he would at this company.

He said we could talk about it later, because I was at work. However, I think it's pretty clear that if they aren't forking over the money they must not be looking for the right person. They are just trying to fill a position with the least amount of money possible. You know what they say, "cheap tickets, cheap audience". They are going to get some kid in there that has no clue what he's doing for this brand new beautiful building.

I feel bad for my hubby. He's pretty upset, because he had high hopes for a great new job.

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TGIF ladies...don't know about you guys, but I'm sooo happy the weekend is here. Just got back from getting my hair cut...feels great! I always feel wonderful after a hair cut. Yesterday went well for me. Eating has been OP and exercise has been good. I didn't go to the gym this morning, but I did do a core workout at home. I think I convinced my husband to just put up the dang tub surround instead of jacking around with tiles....thank goodness! I was really getting nervous!LOL! Well the weekend is usually not a good time for me, so my goal is to try and eat good and get at least 1 day of cardio in. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend~
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Hi ladies!!

Thanks for all the thoughts and support!! It is nasty when the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about at night is money.

I have had a bad week stress wise and last night at work one of my co-workers came in and told us her dad is really sick. Kidney failure, necrotic small bowel and a heart attack. He is only 59. He is a diabetic. He had surgery last night for the bowel and it doesn't look good. They are going to try 1 more procedure over the weekend. If it doesn't work then he is going to die. I can't imagine what she is going through. Please keep her in your thoughts if you can.

I personally haven't had the best week food wise or exercise for that matter. I am hoping that this weekend I can keep things under control and maybe show a small loss or stay the same. I will take either. Next week I have to get back on track and on the treadmill. I felt so good while I was doing it!

Well I hope that everyone else is having a good week.
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