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Default 30 Something daily chat Tues Jan 20th

morning all..anyone got an caffine iv drip...lol. I worked 13 hrs straight yesterday, it was insane at work. Now i'm up but barely moving...got to find some caffine soon...i hope work isn't too bad today, since i'm really not moving fast. hope everyone is well...didn't catch up from yesterday but hope everyone is doing ok.

the monkeys make me do it
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GG--- Ooooh... 13 hours?! Wow... that's rough. Hope things are a little better today. Here's a little perk...

Karen--- Enjoy that cuddle time because when they get older, they don't do it as often. My kids are 15 and 11 (almost 12 as of this Thursday) and they really loved cuddle nights and watching movies. Now DS is on his Xbox live or out with his friends and DD has a phone stuck in her ear every night. LOL

Hi to everyone checking in after me!! Have a great day all!!!

Valerie..... Visit my sparkpeople.com page at http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp?id=POPPYSEEDS

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Moooooooooornin' All!!
It's Tuesday, and here I thought it was Wednesday when I woke. You think I want this week to go by fast.
Simple plans today: gym, run around doing an errand or two and a load of laundry ... bathroom rugs. Already got my dinner planned out too.
Whew- I am good.
Off to get me some coffee...
* * DAWN * *
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Morning Chicas. I'm slowly getting through my to do list. Right now I'm on laundry and cleaning up the playroom. We are supposed to have playgroup here tomorrow.

Gotta get back to work. Have a great day!!

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slow start for this day ..

I've hung up some clothes, and mostly cruised the internet.

I need to wake up my baby and give him a bath but, secretly hoping he sleeps through the inauguration so, I can watch it uninterrupted :P

other than that, I must walk my nieghborhood today instead of the lovely park, I usually walk at because it's my daughters cheerleading practice tonight and won't have time to go before.

Tuesdays are always so busy busy busy
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Good mornin' everyone. I'm a late bloomer today. I'm still fighting this cold...it's not horrible, but has me not feelin' like doin' much.

Have had 5 points today....ate some nice and warm oatmeal this morning to help soothe my throat. It helped tremendously!! I can't get warm though. No chills like yesterday, just cold.

I reported yesterday being down eight lbs. Well, that was from weighing Sunday. I was up two lbs on Monday. I was NOT happy!!! My weigh in day is supposed to be Monday....but I cheated and weighed Sunday and Monday. We overdid this past weekend though, so I'm sure that's where it came from. I told DH about it....he was amazed. He said, "I don't know how in the world you're gaining weight! You're not eating much at all!!" Well, that's hardly true. I have cut back tremendously, but you know yourself when you're still over-doing it. I overdid this weekend. He makes me sick.....he overdid this weekend, too, and is still losing!! It's not fair.

Well, I'm off to check on my laundry in the dryer. Hope everyone has a super duper day!
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Happy Inauguration day, everyone! Lunch hour was taken up with watching the swearing-in, and the speech! I love that my 5th graders are so excited about this.

Not much to say today, just another cold, blustery day here in southern Ohio! Going to try to do some yoga today...If anyone else has Time Warner Cable, there is a great On-demand channel called Exercise On Demand. It has lots and lots of choices for exercise, and all different time frames, too! I have been doing some of them, 'cause I get bored easily!

Have a great day!
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valerie-thanks for the java..yep i did 13 hrs straight with only a quick 2 min to inhale food before i passed out. It was an insane day full of lots of sick pets...it actually was our busiest day ever. But today luckily was steady and nice..nothing too crazy. I don't have off tomorrow but i'm going to a meeting for our company to learn probably how to make more money for the company LOL. I just want to be a doctor darnit LOL. But that's ok..at least i get to sleep in some tomorrow. I got home today and had an email from the person that part leases my horse...she told me since all this craziness has started happening at the barn (we had 15 horse move out) its been too crazy too ride. So she will not be leasing him anymore. I totally understand but I'm bummed since she's helping me keep my horse. So i think i'm going to find a new place...there been a lot of stupid things going on anyways since they've moved out and this was pretty much what pushed me over the edge. I hate all the horse drama...why do horse people have to be so stupid sometimes LOL

hope everyone else is doing well. I guess i'm going to scrounge for grubbage now...have a good night.

the monkeys make me do it
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Hey everyone, been running around today doing errands with my mom. Watching Biggest Loser right now. Hope everyone is good!

"Unless you faint, puke, or die keep walking!" --Jillian Michaels

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