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Default 30 Somethings Chat WED 9/17

Hey! I wasn't sure if I should start a new chat or just write on yesterdays!

Hanna, I hope Sean feels better. Maybe his Doc could tell you if there was something you could give him.

Nothing exciting going on here. Everyone must be super busy, it is really dead here today!

Talk later!
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Everyone is in the TBL rooms. Look: I'll run around naked and nobody will notice! Wheeeeeee! Whooooo!


*~ Kori ~*
Going on a cruise in March!
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making progress again!
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Kori, you crack me up!
"Love yourself enough to do what is required to succeed."
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lol at kori...
hey just a quick hi! been really really busy!

the monkeys make me do it
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Default Okay I'm weak

There are chips and queso in the house.....I really want some....but have resisted thus far but I fear that I am beginning to weaken...it is really yummy cheesy and spicy queso too...***sighing*** I might have to smell it...sometimes it helps to just smell the food...or is that too strange???
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My hubby loves chips, but I make him buy the kind that I don't like. I can't resist chips and dip of any kind. You are strong!!!!
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Hi guys,

I'm bummed here. I found out today that I have to get a D&C. I'm more than a little nervous about it. I've been having problems since Jan and they are just now getting serious about finding out what's going on and fixing it. I went through a procedure last week where they tried to get a sample in the office and that was most uncomfortable. They were not able to get enough, so, therefore the D&C. Ugh. I'm supposed to get another procedure called an ablation and I was all excited about getting it and getting these problems straightened out (Aunt Flo has been here since 7/03). I'm SO tired of this. It's getting depressing.

Lauren: I'm so sorry about your mom. As a former therapist, the hip is WAY easier to recover from than the knee. She will have some movement restrictions (no twisting on the hip [toes and nose always point the same way] and no bending past 90 degrees), as long as she follows them, she should be fine. They will give her some special equipment to help her follow the restrictions. So, what happened to the dog?

Juneteenth: Welcome!! We are happy to have you here.

Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.
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Hi everyone!
what happened today to all the posts from earlier today???

Kori I do have to agree you are very funny!

Patricia did you get the new person at work yet? you sure are always so busy!


Karen what is D&C? what is wrong? I hope you find out what is going on...

Lauren how is your mom doing? I am sorry that she had to fall down in order not to get the puppy! Big huge your way!

Alicia I hope your day at work goes very fast.

I had a good day over all, I went to the dentist and I have to get a root canal on the very back molar, I hate the dentist. DS was home today he was not feeling well, he was dizzy and had headache, DH was home too, he took the day off, so it was nice, we went out for lunch after i went to the dentist and then we ran to Wal-Mart. OMG it is crazy! we tried to watch carefully our $ right now, DH has been having a hard time at work he sells the big GMC trucks and SUV's and they are not selling too many of them since the big increase in the price of gas, and it was still $250. grrrr.... when we got home and brought everything in the house we realized the thing we needed the most tonight, milk, didn't make it in the cart. So I had to go out again and buy milk at the grocery store. Oh well! Tomorrow I am going to be home all day, DS is staying home, I may take him to the Dr. I am worried about the dizziness.
Off to watch America's got talent.

Have a good night everyone!

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I am sorry to hear that you have been having problems. I can understand how you would be nervous. I do think that you are doing the right thing tho trying to find out what is wrong and fixing it will be the best thing. I hope it all goes well for you and that the results are swift and take care of all the issues....no one likes Aunt Flo enough to keep her around that long...tell her she has worn out her stay and you will be more than happy to visit with her in 28 days or so....Good luck to you!
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a.k.a. Bikini Bottom
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Trying to fill in my sparkpeople nutrition pages and it's time consuming...it's technically the 18th but I'm still going to say hi in this thread.

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