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Default 30 something chat thur 9-11

Morning all...well i did get the horse hitched last night and went for a 50 min walk with the mutt. She really liked it. I need to get back to going to the gym...but a start is a start. Nothing exciting here...just trying to make it day by day. I did find out that we are getting a 3rd vet at the clinic...yeah...but it will be a while before she can be on her own since she is new grad. But i think it will be helpful to have another person there.

hope everyone has a great day!

the monkeys make me do it
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Thin girl escaping
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Good Morning / Afternoon

Today is weigh for me, disappointed only 3 weeks in and didn't lose this week, but then when I think of the whole picture 7lb in 3 weeks can't get too down hearted, gonna stay focused and concentrate on why I'm doing this - not just for the weight loss but to improve my health also I do feel better in just 3 weeks so motivation is still high.

Hope everyone has a good day

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Good morning ladies!!

2bethin... do not get discouraged... you're doing great!! 7 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome. You're body just needs to catch up now. Just keep up the great work!!

GG... I love to ride horses... you are very fortunate that you have that in your life. They are the most beautiful animals.

Welcome to all of the newbies!!!!

Hope everyone has a really great day!!
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Hello All.

I am hoping my computer doesn't shut down on me...
So another day going to the gym. I like today, as it is legs. I can push, push, push. That and my crunches. I am becoming a crunch-a-maniac. I have been doing a ton at the gym. I am hoping that it all pays off. I do feel a little bit different in that area... so I think it is starting to show -some. Well off to the gym, then a few errands and of course back on here to check in on all of you.

GG--- Hoping the new vet is of some great help.

oh2b--- you are doing GREAT. Keep it up!!

Poppy--- Hello Hope you are having a lovely day.

Well off to get ready, chat at ya later...
* * DAWN * *
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Morning chicks.

Just a flyby today, probably tomorrow too. We are having dinner here tomorrow night for DH's cousin's birthday. I've got SO much cleaning to do. I thought I was keeping up pretty well, but I guess not. Well, I've kept the picking up done, now I just gotta CLEAN. LOL.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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good morning.....happy thursday!

slowly getting ready...i am off first thing this morning to get my hair done..its been since july....way to long!!...between her schedule and mine we werent able to work it out so i am taking the morning off and she is working me in between clients...than off to work to do a 90 day review for someone with the owner..should go alright though i think...other than that all is the same around here...still havent gone to weigh...i do plan on going on sat or sun...havent excersied at all...ugghhh..i need to get on it and i know it i just am not doing it...

gg: glad you are getting a new vet....new grads are good (in my opinion) cause you can train them they way you like things to be done...they arent already set in their ways and sometimes that is a huge positive

oh: done get discouraged!...you are doing great....take your measurements if you are feeling down...that may help you realize what a wonderful job you are doing even if the scale isnt moving!

poppy: good morning!

pear: have fun at the gym!

karen: dont work toooo hard cleaning!...have a great day

ok...better get going and finish getting ready...have a wonderful day all!
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making progress again!
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Good morning everyone. I decided that I probably won't be able to swing the gym membership, not because of $, but because I already am tired getting up at 5:00, I can't imagine making it 4:15 or 4:30 to get a workout in. I am going to make a more concerted effort to get out with the kids in the afternoon when I get home for at least a walk.

Christina, GL with your busy day!

Karen, I actually love to clean when the kids aren't underfoot, it feels so good when you are done and have a GREAT looking house.

Pear, have a great workout, ABS of STEEL!!

oh, I love your bubble-man today...I would love to just sit and blow bubbles all day. Do you think my high school students would go for it? "no math today kids, we're just gonna blow bubbles..."

GG, I'm sure a third person will help out, you always sound so busy there.

Valerie, have a great day!
"Love yourself enough to do what is required to succeed."
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Hi Chickies,

GG ~ yippee! So glad that a third doc will be in the picture down the road. Help is on the way! Also, kudos for taking the walk last night. It all starts out with baby steps. Mike laughs at me as I'm always "baby stepping" it. Reminds me of that old Bill Murray movie, "What about Bob?"

oh2b ~ 7 lbs. in three weeks is excellent! Try and keep the big picture in mind and you'll do fine. Weighing yourself and not seeing results can really bring a person down. You're doing fine.

Valerie ~ I just caught up reading posts and loved how the conversation you had with your DH. You have such a great attitude and your goals are completely realistic. It's wonderful that you have a supportive DH that pointed that out to you.

Pear ~ you are going to be in fantastic shape! Seems like you're always going to the gym. Good for you!

KarenK ~ I want WiiFit!!! It sounds like such fun. I just picked up Mario Kart for the Wii yesterday. DS was at a friends house where they played it and he loved it. It's really hard to find so I'm thrilled that I found one. It's my first official "Santa" purchase.

Christina ~ hi sweetheart! How are your boys? Are you trying harder to get some food in your tummy thru out your work day?

Toni ~ 4:15 is way too early to get up. I've been getting up at 5:00 this week and that is tough. My SIL is a teacher and she walks thru the school day. She walks the halls when the weather is lousy and then walks the track on nice days. If she doesn't have time to get her walk in during the day, she stays an extra 30 minutes to walk right after school. Would that be possible for you?

I am so tired today... I had Book Club here last night and didn't get to bed until 1:00 a.m. It was so much fun though! DH built us a fire in the backyard and we sat around drinking wine and laughing. I got up early to exercise but just couldn't make myself do it. Instead I took a shower to wake myself up and will exercise later today. Funny thing is that even though I'm really tired, it feels weird to skip the exercise. My body has gotten used to it and I miss it. Not the actual exercise of course LOL! I just love how it makes my body feel though afterwards. Have a great day all ~ Joan

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HI everyone!

Karen don't kill yourself over the cleaning!

Christina how good to see you, I am glad you are able to take time off work to do what you need, that is excellent! good luck after that with the review!

GG you really needed another person for some time now, it was about time!!!

Toni I couldn't get out of bed that early either let alone to get to the gym

Pear are you having lots of computer problems, that is not fun!


oh2 keep on what you are doing, we didn't put on the weight in one week, it will take some time to get it off, are you feeling it already on the way you carry yourself and the way clothes fit you?

Well it was a crazy day yesterday, DH was off and he really surprised me he wanted to go to the carpet places to look at different carpet choices, we just changed the carpet on the front downstairs room and I really have been wanting to change the rest of the house, only the stairs and upstairs have carpet the all but one room downstairs is travertine and we also want to replace that, we want to put in dark wood. So I know we are not quiet ready to change the carpet, but at least he brought it up!
the rest of the day was pretty busy too, and later in the evening I started not feeling too well, my stomach is bugging me!
Today I am not doing much, I am planning on staying home for must of the day.

See you all later

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Joan we were posting at the same time, what book did you read? do you have a new book for this month?
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Hi All!

Busy day here!

Welcome back Burhenns, and Roo!!

Welcome to Misty and new shiny me!!

I'm having a hard time staying on the wagon too. The honeymoon period with the meds is over I guess, and I'm having a harder time making good choices.

So after yesterday's fiasco at Kindy, I'm hoping Peter's having a good day. Haven't heard anything so I'll take it as a good thing.

Have a great day all!
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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the site but I am also 31. Hoping to make it to 32 with just a little less of me....okay a lot less. Any suggestions for getting started? let me know.
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