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Default 30 Something Chat: Wednesday Sept 10th

Just a quick drop through to say HI EVERYONE.

It's been a long time and I've fallen off the wagon so far that I've sold it for cake money. Work's got me all stressed out and I'm a stress eater.

Anyway, ladies, I'll try and drop in from time to time.

I'm still out here somewhere.

Rooster in the Henhouse (sometimes )
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welcome back roo! glad to see you pop in every now and then (good to have testosterone i here occasionally LMAO). Hang in there buddy.

Hey to all else...speaking of falling off the wagon...i'm there too. I fell off during my vacation, gained 7 lbs and then came back and said i was going to "just do it" but i haven't done crap. Need to get my pony hitched back up and get the dust flowing being the wagon again. Motivation needed...desperately. I swear i hate taking time off from work. I had the 4 day weekend and found out the poopie (literally not actual) hit the fan over the weekend. The other dr couldn't keep up and we lots of angry clients, a few pets that were dropped off that didn't get seen, and we didn't even come near our weekly budget. So next week we have one of the big wigs come down to "chat with us". Yeah. Why do i even bother taking a vacation. Oh well....back to the grind!

Hope everyone else is well. Have a great day and i'm wishing good luck to all those that need to get their horses hitched back to the wagon. Good luck all!

the monkeys make me do it
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Good morning all!! Hi Rooster!!

GG - I hear ya! It can be hard after vacation to get back into the swing. I tried very hard not to fall off the wagon and let me tell you that wagon was bookin'!! I felt myself starting to lean off but never fell off totally. It's not easy but somehow I made it through... even at Hershey Park!! WHEW!!!

Last week, I was feeling a little down and said to my husband that I was really proud of myself but felt that it was taking longer than usual to lose the weight this time. He reminded me that I am not all or nothing this time which is complete "failure waiting to happen" for me, but instead I am enjoying the process and allowing myself to eat dinner every night with the family (I eat what they eat) and I'm not alienating myself. We also get take out every Saturday night for a treat. It will take longer that way but it's well worth it. I stay within my calorie range every day and that's the important thing. I make healthy choices 90% of the time and drink my water every day. I'm also not going nuts over exercising like I used to. I take an enjoyable walk with my dog every day or something like that rather than kill myself at the gym.

I know I talk about Sparkpeople a lot but I cannot tell you how much it has kept me on track. During that same convo with my husband I told im that SP had weight loss progress charts. He wanted to see them so I pulled it up and LO and behold... I was ahead of schedule!! They show your goal weight and where you should be at a minimum to make your goal and I was way below that! So that made me feel great and re-motivated me to just keep on going!

This is just something that we need to do for the rest of our lives so we might as well do the things that will not only get us to our goals but will allow us to maintain them as well.

Well... I hope this little motivational talk has helped you all this find Wednesday morning!! We now return you to our regularly scheduled program. LOL

Have a great day all!!
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Morning all!! Chores done and #1 workout done. Whew. It's amazing what you can get done when th kids wake up at 6:45 and you have breakfast waiting in the crockpot (oatmeal). I already need a nap tho. YAWN!!

Hope you all have a splendid day.

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Keepin' on...
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Default Let's try this again!

Well, I started on this board in the spring and it didn't take long for my old habits to set in. I proceeded to get back off track and gain a bunch of weight back that I had lost last year. I guess the only thing I can say for myself is that at least I haven't totally given up and am trying once again. That counts for something, right?

I joined a gym about a month ago, have been working out with a trainer and seeing their dietician. So far so good, I am really motivated and I am surprised to find myself actually enjoying my workouts! I have never incorporated exercise into my weight loss before, and I'm hoping it's the missing link to success.

It's really hard to keep trying when I have had about a million failures over the years. I'm constantly subconsciously putting myself down and asking myself why I think this time will be any different. It really makes me feel like such a loser, when I don't feel that way about any other part of my life. I can't believe there's this issue that I have just never been able to get a handle on. But I guess, if at first you don't succeed, try and try again...
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making progress again!
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good morning everyone.

Thanks for all the support and welcome-back's. I am really trying to stay positive and just make small changes to get myself back onto the wagon...I see it there across the yard and am walking toward it one step at a time! I tried calling the 24 hour gym last night and no-one answered, it is still in the final stages of construction so I suppose that makes sense. I did take a "walk" with the kids last night though. DS has this John Deere pedal tractor thing that he can't quite pedal by himself yet, so DD rode on top and DS drove and I pushed for about a mile and a half whew!

the last time I did really well with weight loss I was doing a Biggest Loser challenge here at school, so I am joining the one here on 3FC to see if that helps too, is anyone else on here doing that?

Valerie, thanks for the pep talk!! you are doing so well and are an inspiration!

Have a great wednesday everyone.
"Love yourself enough to do what is required to succeed."
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Hello everyone!
Roo oh my! good to see you! even if you are a fallen one, don't do the magic act of disapearing!

GG you are being to hard on yourself.

Valerie I love your attitude! go girl!

burhenns you need to loose that attitude about yourself, if this is the only area of you life you feel like this, then you know you can do it, you have done it in every other aspect! you can do it!

yesterday was crazy day for me, the one that hated getting out of bed early! here! I had to leave the house by 8:30 to go get DS from school and take him to the dr., I did take him to the appointment and dropped him back at school. I didn't get home till 3:00 PM I just kept running errands, I love to be conected with the world with the blackberry, I din't have any time to sit by the computer when I got home I had a lot to do and by 5:00 Sean came in from playing with the neighbors to tell me he invited 2 kids for dinner, when I said no one of the kids said he really wanted to eat here. so next thing I know I have him and his mom and sister for dinner, I don't know how this just happens, I usually don't mind it, but yesterday I was really tired, oh well. Dinner was very nice, dh got home on time to sit at the table with u. it was great!
Today DH is off, so who knows what my day is going to be, when he is home I do what ever its on his mind.
Talk to you later!


Toni joining the gym is a great idea! you are going to love it!

Hi Karen! I feel for you, that is to early to get out of bed, it is for me!
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Learning to fly again
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Just wanted to introduce myself as I am brand new here.

I just started my new journey 4 days ago and so far so good. Of course, I know right now I am still riding high from the excitement of starting a new plan and it will probably get harder in a few weeks, but hey, this time I am not going at it alone, I have the 3FC forum

I am not much of an exerciser, I've never enjoyed it and I don't know if I ever will. I do love the high that I get after, but boy, getting started ...that is hard.
If anyone has any good advise on how to get that going, I am listening.

Have a great day!
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Newshinyme!! Glad to have you with us. I also love the high I get after I work out. I'm getting fitter, so I don't hate working out any more. I do positive reinforcement while I run. I think, "I AM a RUNNER!! WHOOO! YEAHH!! I am AWESOME!!" That tricks me into thinking I'm doing better than I am, and then I do better for real.
So, yesterday I did start running again, yay for me. Later that day I was at a wedding shower with MIL and SIL and an aunt-in-law came over to say hello and asked me if I had been running today. SIL joked, "Yeah right, Kori doesn't run for anything!" Aunt-in-law said, "I thought it was you running down the main road with a little blonde girl on a bike." That was my 11-yr-old DD. SIL's eyebrows went up to the top of her head. "So that's how you lost the weight!" See, gals, I never said I ran, I only called it going for walks. So now they tease me. Oh, well.
*~ Kori ~*
Going on a cruise in March!

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Hey all,

busy here today...just got on to check my email for the first time today. Have a8 million more things to do before bellydancing tonight (yes, still doing it, still loving it..learning a choreography..so fun), can;t stay on long. Did get a mile int his AM...need to get out earlier tomorrow so I have enough time for two.

Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I don't have time for personals, but I'ma lways thinking of all of you. Will be sure to make time tomorrow.

Hugs & stuff,
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Hello All. Welcome to all the newbies. I came on and typed up a long reply and my computer kicked me off.... 4 times. SO I just wanted to let you all know I am alive and well. Not sure about this here computer- if she acts up again to the curb she goes. Hahahahahaha...

SO I am on another plateau. I hate plateaus. Hate them. I am hoping this revamp of my gym routine helps a bit. I don't think I can eat any healthier or intake more water. Well I am ending here, not sure if this computer will kick me off again or not... going to try this one last time .
* * DAWN * *
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Pear... you should do what I do... when I write a long post, I copy it to word before I hit the submit button. If it goes through OK, I just delete the document.

... thanks though... now I'll be up all night wondering what is was you said... grrr... ROFLMAO!!!!
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Good evening, all.

I hope everyone had good, productive days. I'm exhausted! Looking forward to only working 1/2 day tomorrow, but then I have to take DD shopping after she gets out of school.

Have a good evening!

TBL Fall 2009

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