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Well, I had to lay down this evening as I was feeling a bit under the weather just after dinner; DH was a real help to me and did the dinner dishes, and then we played some card games for awhile to help get my mind off things; and boy, that really helped.

I soon discovered that I was full of water and had to run to washroom twice; but with my TOM visiting, water retention gets even worse than normal. I'm not sure why that makes me feel so blah, but then I have had a lot going on in my body the last few days. TOM decided to visit with full force the same day I am scheduled to have a tooth pulled and so I had to take a tylenol to sleep. I'm sure it did my body good to lay down and rest a bit too; that always helps to get rid of extra water for me too.

I found a favorite sweater when unpacking and put it on the last few nights and today, and that really helped take the chill off. Need that when you aren't feeling your best; nothing worse than feeling too hot or too cold really. I love this sweater, it is a very thick pullover and it warms me up in minutes. I will be wearing it often this winter ...

VAL ~ hope all is well with you and yours, way up there in Thompson; and that your new meds are helping you feel better too.

Hope all you ladies are feeling well tonight; I know that each of you have your own challenges each and every day, and can't always come in. I just happen to get up to walk around as my legs were getting stiff and getting CHARLIE HORSES from that as well. Time to go make some tea and have a small, healthy snack. Take good care, ladies ... ROSEBUD
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