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Thanks for posting the soup recipes, Bobbi. I'm looking forward to trying them - I'll substitute ground turkey and chicken broth in the second one for the beef since I don't eat red meat anymore. No conservationist, or even nutritional reason for it - I was on the Atkins diet for about ten years after my son was born (he's 28 now... ) and ate so much red meat that I just can't even stomach the thought of eating it anymore. I mean, I ate POUNDS of it at a sitting! Of course eating that way - mostly meat, cheese, eggs and only tiny portions of veggies; no breads or flour products, no sugar EVER (I can hardly believe I did that for 10 years!) certainly worked, weight-wise. I got to where I wanted to be and stayed there for all that time. Then just plain got bored with all those limitations and ate like crazy, which ultimately led to my arrival here! (Actually, I LIKE it here )
Anyhoo, I stayed home from work yet again today. I guess you could say I'm experiencing burn-out. Temporary, of course. I'll be heading back to the big city bright and early tomorrow. I went over to my daughter's house yesterday and spent the day with her and the twinnies (she's a social worker, and only went back to work part-time after having the boys, so she doesn't work on Mondays or Wednesdays, and just works half a day on Fridays). Anyway, had a great day.
Good for you, Donna & Lindy Loo; I've taken my weight off at a snail's pace, too. I finally have reached the point where I'm not looking to lose for special occasions, but rather just to eat right and exercise more - and lose slowly but steadily. So far, so good. And Lindy, I cheat occasionally as well, and am far less demanding of myself on weekends - seems like if I stay OP a majority of the time, everything works out okay.
Karen, I'm glad that you've managed to get yourself moved to where you're happiest. No snow yet is a definite plus in my book. Colorado is pretty country, but WAY more snow then I'd want to deal with.
Hiya, Freda, Isabella, Lynn, Rosey, Gayle.......hope you're all happy, healthy and having a great day!

"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, 'OH CRAP, SHE'S UP!'"
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