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Hey Ive been lookin around and definatly thought this was the place for a firnge girl like me. ( never really fit into a group) I just like to be an open-minded person about everything and learn about different people. I love to learn new things and discuss with different kinds of people.

I borrowed this layout for intro hope you dont mind!

NAME: Steph
BIRTHDAY: July 28th, yep pain in the *** Leo
MARITAL STATUS: married almost a year
TOP WEIGHT: 288 lb
GOAL WEIGHT: 199 lb firstly
EYE COLOR: Greenish bluish
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I love reading mostly, crochet and knit and other making things, love Tats (me & husband), docmentaries and learning all about everything ( love history channel!)
PETS: Ruby & Pearl are my puppies
FAVORITE COLOR: Turquoise & purple, i like bright things and some people call my taste tacky, but i like non-typical things and sparkles
FAVORITE FOODS: donuts! and cake, lately Feta cheese
FAVORITE EXERCISE: ligting weights, hope to jog someday
FAVORITE BOOK(S): historical fiction right now and ghost/paranormal stuff since its fall. This year my faves were The other boleyn girl and the reliable wife
FAVORITE MOVIE(S): i like paranormal and action
FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): top chef ( dont cook ) bones, csi, house, medium
FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: mostly classic rock, Janis, Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, and a little bit of others
PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I'm addicted to food and negative thinking
WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm looking to change my life not just diet for a year
WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: calorie counting, high protein veggies good carbs
RELIGION: Catholic raised, exploring that. Very spiritual
POLITICS: open minded
PIERCINGS: ears and nipple, had more in past, my job is conservative
TATTOOS: most of a back peice, foot, and one around my ankle with a big nautical star, can't wait for more

Second 10% Goal Loss - 259 to 233
25Lb. GONE 1 to go
I QUIT smoking 9-15-10

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