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WOO-HOO! Scale said 161.3 lbs. this morning!!

Of course, I'm not setting my heart on this number, as it will likely bounce around for a few days.....but things are going swimmingly, as the numbers continue to edge downward.

I didn't get enough fat yesterday and this morning it showed...only trace ketones. I was craving soup and ended up eating my veggies (savoy cabbage) cooked in a home-made chicken broth....ergo, not enough fat. Normally, my veggies are steamed with butter and often cheese, added....or bathed in olive oil and a bit of salt and then roasted in the oven (ie: eggplant).

I also have a tendency to love raw fish, but of course, one cannot slather butter on raw salmon and eat it raw. I will defrost a nice piece of salmon and impulsively want to eat it raw....but know I need the will cook it in order to get the butter/fat in for the day.

So I have to be sure to eat something with either butter or mayo on it today to get that ketosis back above trace.

Gosh, I just love this diet. I want to go out and spread the message but know not to do that. I'll read so many posts on various forums here where people are stalling on other diets, esp. the calorie counting ones.....and want to recommend Atkins...but restrain myself.
Because I also see that so many have been extremely successful at low cal diets and know Atkins isn't for everyone.

I mean...who knows...perhaps I am truly a carb addict and that's why I feel so fabulous on this diet and why it works so well for me. That doesn't mean everyone else is a carb addict like I might be or has my exact same metabolic issues, whatever they may be.
I see people on these low carb diets yet the carbs are much higher than what is allowed on Atkins....and I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are working for these people. If I was eating that amount of carbs, I would be totally stalling....I know this for a fact...I've tinkered with this diet quite a bit and know what works and what doesn't.

I had a BIL and SIL who went on Atkins quite a few years ago and both lost quite a bit of weight......yet she was eating peanut butter and having one can of regular soda daily and he was drinking beer......yet they lost weight. I never could figure out how they managed to do that.....all I can figure out is that perhaps it was not the metabolic effect of Atkins but that they were actually eating less calories than normal....that did it. I surely could never use Atkins successfully and eat peanut butter and have a can of regular soda a day. That would NEVER work for me.

I fear a great many folks are gonna drop dead too early in life thanks to their diets. Did you see that movie "Super-size Me" by Morgan Spurlock? You can see it on its entirety. Very interesting to see how a pure McDonald's diet for only one month had such a negative effect on his health and his blood-work. And I know for a fact that there are many people who eat a huge percentage of their meals using fast food places. It's cheap and it's filling.......and apparently, also addictive.

I think it would take decades to adapt to this sort of diet, if it was even possible......and meanwhile, many will get diabetes and other health problems and die an early death due to all this processed food....high in sugar and chemicals.
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