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Originally Posted by Sandrab View Post
iI have 2 questions that maybe someone has answers to...

1 - i was told by my coach that the IP rep told her directly that we were allowed to go over on the 2 cup veggie serving, but they do not want us going under that amount. on this site , people have said otherwise. does anyone know? i do tend to go over now and then.

2 - we were specifically told to use coconut oil for frying...reasoning being that olive oil goes rancid when heated to high degrees. they even sell the coconut at our oulet for frying purposes. noone else seems to have heard this information....

if anyone can shed some light , i would be grateful!
Olive oil only goes rancid if it's old, stored in a high heat area for extended periods, or exposed to oxygen for months(open bottles). High heat during cooking may take away the strong olive taste, but then it wil just taste like other, less pungeant oils(vegetable). Not to be so cynical, but sounds like the coconut oil they are selling you is just another product they can get you to pay for. I guess that was cynical, after all.
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