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Have you ever tried roasted vegetables? If I was in the UK, I would make you some veggie dishes and you might love a few of them. Do you like to cook? Are there ANY veggies you like? I could think up some nice recipes for you.

This morning the scale said 162 lbs...which would be a total loss of 33 lbs. but that doesn't mean I'm 162 yet. The scale will bounce around between 164 and 162 for a few days, most likely...until it settles at that weight. I've noticed that the pattern is that every few days, I will breach a lower number...but it takes a few days of bouncing a bit....and then it will breach an even lower number...and gradually moves down in that jumpy way.

I don't so much go by the scale as I do by the ketosis sticks. For me, if I'm not spilling ketones, I'm gaining and not losing. I read on the Atkins site that some people lose weight, even if they are not spilling ketones...but it doesn't work that way for me, I've noticed.

It's so interesting to me how different diets work for different people and how much variation there can be when it comes to individual metabolism. For instance, low calorie just doesn't work for me....and I've spent years trying different sorts of diets. Yet, I cannot argue with the fact that so many here have had amazing success with low calorie diets. I'm such a huge advocate of Atkins and on one level, can't understand why everyone wouldn't choose it. But from reading here so much, I realize how different we all are in terms of what works for us....and have to acknowledge that not everyone sees it like I do.

On low calorie diets, not only was I ravenous all the time, but I never had much success....except for the Cambridge diet back in the early 80's...but that was only 331 cals/day, if I remember correctly, so anyone would be bound to lose weight on that....but I was constantly starving on it.

But on this diet, I'm never hungry....never. I have to almost force myself to eat the amount I'm supposed to. In fact, I'd probably have lost more by now if I'd managed to force in the amount of food I should be eating. Basically, the way I see it, we are trading in carbs for the ability to eat very high calorie, filling foods. If I took what I eat daily now, and added in a tiny piece of cake or a piece of bread, I'd gain weight. Yet, keeping those carbs out, I can lose weight on those exact same foods.

My metabolism is apparently extremely sensitive to carbs. I did this exact same eating but was using too much artificial sweetener and instead of losing, I was gaining. And also not spilling ketones. Yet, remove all but 3 packets of splenda a day and suddenly, I was losing....on the exact same food. Yet, 20 years ago, I could use the additional splenda...and even equal...and still lose weight on the diet. My metabolism changed...probably due to getting older and the medication I was on a few years ago.

It's the perfect diet for me...once I tweaked it by cutting way down on the splenda. But as I can see from reading's not what works for everyone. Others have amazing success with diets that did not work for me.
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