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hello and welcome, its been a bit quiet on here this week not sure why think you lot over the pond are gearing up for halloween or something.

i find when i can satisfy my sweet cravins with sugar free jelly. (jello to you) i pour double cream over and its great later on in the phases i get the 70% cocoa chocolate and break off 2 squares and rough grate it over the cream and jelly and its fabulous.

the reason you feel like you have so much energy on atkins is because its artificially increases your fitness level. for my Bachelors degree dissertation i studied the affects of atkins on Lactate threshold and found is rose by nearly 0.5 kph so there by making you "fitter". for the duration of ketosis, as you get on through the phases and add more carbs this inflations reduces back to normal. reason? well not sure never got that deep into it. i also found that my subjects who were running using the borg rpe (perceived rate of exercise) thought they were working less hard after 10 days of induction than they did after the initial pre atkins tests.

anyway if your still awake after that glad your here i drop in nearly every day so will be around. i've lost 32lb from peak and i'm hoping to drop a further 10lb in the next 4 weeks for my graduation photos. its a big ask i know but i'm pushing myself hard to get it done. after that the aim is in english 18st then 16.5st or 252, and 231 to you. then the end goal is not a weight but to get into some 34-36 jeans.
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