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Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun was shining this morning! The clouds have returned and more rain is on the way so I really enjoyed the sunshine while it lasts. The dust sure shows up in the sunlight! I've got laundry going and I baked a squash for Bob's lunch. I'm not a big fan so never make it. He said it was good, but I wouldn't rave about it.

Susan -- Congratulations on the HUGE loss! I have used the water bottle on Ernie, but he is so fast and comes from behind or the side that he has bitten and long gone by the time I reach for the bottle. He has been good the past few days, but I've been carrying the bottle around with me most of the time. Well, I called the store about my dw part and it is on backorder! None of their supply sources have any! The owner said he would try the company direct on Monday to see if they have it. He seemed surprised that I've had trouble with it; he thought it was a part that seldom needed to be replaced and that's why there aren't any. My thinking is that more than one dishwasher has needed the part and they ran out!

Maggie -- What fun to have "new" cookbooks! I love to look at cookbooks which is strange because I don't like to cook. I have several and should sort through them -- either give them to Beth and Amanda or the SOS store here in town. I don't want to even discuss dishwashers! The store owner suggested I turn the breaker off and back on to see if that might reset the computer. I'll try it, but we did that the last time and it didn't make any difference. Is anyone making any winter weather predictions for your part of the country?

"Gma" -- Have you heard what caused the latest fire? That is so scary when the condos are connected to one another. You mentioning the locked gates made me think. There was an unexpected fire drill at the new elementary school one rainy afternoon this week. The kids are standing out in the rain waiting for the fire trucks to get there and when they do, the doors are locked so they can't get into the school. They finally found someone with a key fob to let them in. I think they can tell on a master board where the alarm is coming from and where to check for the fire. There was no fire as some kid pulled the switch. I'm sure locked doors/gates are a safety feature but can sure be a pain also. We have had 2 bad accidents because kids have been texting while driving. One girl's parents had sent her messages and she drove her pickup into a tree killing herself. The other kid crossed the center line and hit another car headon. Neither driver was killed but one had a 4 month old dog that bit the fireman who was trying to get it out of the wreckage. The dog had to be put down because of extensive injuries. Even if they outlaw talking on cell phones, you can text in your lap and no one can see. I'm so glad we didn't have cell phones when our kids were in high school.

My dryer is done so time to switch loads. From the piles it looks like we changed clothes twice a day this week! Have a great day!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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