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Originally Posted by Jehna View Post
I appreciate what Medifast has done for my husband and me but the point is to get healthy, not brand loyalty. When someone "jumps" me on brand loyalty, I question thier motives and look to see if they benefit financially from keeping me(or others) on an expensive program. Most people have to watch a budget, especially right now, and it's about how to get the best results you can in a way that your budget can handle.

I totally agree with you. I also appreciate that I lost weight with MF and it is a good program. But I have now started to mix and match with Wonderslim. It is less expensive & I only have to spend 79$ to get free shipping. When I was on the Medifast boards & I saw people asking this question I always pm'd my response to them because there are a group of MF folks that get all snarky and insulting. Times are hard financially for many people and we all have to watch our money. I know I do. I have found good substitutes and I am using them. The Wonderslim & Bariwise products sold by are less expensive, taste better, 10% discount on 100$ and free shipping. I WON'T pass that deal up. EAS Advantage shakes are a good substitute and I get them at Walmart. I also bought several box of South Beach ceral bars at Costco.

I am not loyal to any particular brand. I want the best bang for my buck!

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