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Good Morning, Flowers! I'm beginning to believe we live in monsoon territory! It is still raining off and on, but is colder today -- wind chill is 34 degrees! I need to mop the laminate floor -- hate that *&(%$ floor! I should repot a couple plants but will do that on a warmer day when I can do it out in the garage.

Maggie -- Your muffins sound so good! There was just a food article in todays paper saying that eggs are good for you and are a handy snack. Bob started an "add on" diamond bracelet for me a few years ago, and I also have another bracelet with a few smaller diamonds. I wear those two more than any other bracelets I have. I will have to take a look at charms as I'm not even sure our local jewelry store carries them.

Susan -- I had to out loud at your Miss Piggy quote. I have a friend and not too long ago Bob shared with me that she reminds him of Miss Piggy! She is "round" and does have a short nose, but I never connected the two.

"Gma" -- My dishwasher is running as I type. I spent a half hour messing with the different wash selections; it finally gave up the dancing lights and started so I hope it finishes! A long time ago someone told me to charge double the cost of the materials if I ever made anything by request. I did one small counted crossstitch baby gift and charged the gal $5 because I had all of the fabric and thread on hand. I watched a TV commercial for those stretchy bands, and the skinny minnie made it look so easy. I didn't order any though.

I need to get my mop and spray bottle (Ernie will think I'm after him!) ready, might as well do the kitchen tile while I'm at it. Have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- from Iowa!

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