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Default I am suddenly losing weight without seeming to try.

I think itís a combination of things. For one, Iíve been hiking more robustly, as the weather has cooled, a huge incentive to go for longer hikes, more often (daily) as itís my absolute favorite month for outdoors. Secondly, I have not been eating big dinners as much, having various reasons why Iím Ďjust having soup or veggiesí. I think thatís the big one actually. Anyway, Iíll continue, maybe let go of my love of complicated dinners, as I love to cook so much, but lately I haven't reallly been in the mood. Maybe jsut cook a nice complex dinner once a week or so Ö and lighten up the dinners altogether. I believe I have discovered my weightloss method, and there is really no deprivation other than big expectations on myself to cook so much.
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