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Good Morning, Flowers! It's raining . . . again. Last night I had a meeting at church and the drizzle had just started on my way into town. Two hours later, on the way home, it was pouring rain and thick fog was in the area around the lake. It was definitely a good Halloween night! My dishwasher guy finally showed up about 4 and will order a new touch panel hoping that is the problem. I never did hear from the vet's office nor the cupboard joint. I've got my grocery list from yesterday so that is my plan for this morning.

Maggie -- You will have the gain gone, along with some friends, by next week. Like you said, when you work the program the pounds eventually will come off. I keep telling myself I didn't gain it overnight and I won't lose it overnight. Yes, my bracelet is gold. It looks like several chains linked together so has plenty of places to add more charms. We will probably eventually get another kitten and I'm strongly leaning towards getting two. I'd like females from the same litter. There is a little stray calico hanging around Bob's secretary's house. It is friendly to a point and could use a permanent home. She has two cats along with her two dogs and the loaner dog, so doesn't feel she can add another to the mix.

"Gma" -- Thank you for starting the new thread! After I posted yesterday I thought I should have started a new one so it wouldn't roll over to the second page. I'm glad the latest fire wasn't in your friend's condo and she was ok. Fire was always a worry when we rented apts., back in the days when there were lots of smokers. I hope the people that receive your knitted gifts realize how much time and effort you put into them. I seriously don't think anyone who doesn't sew nor do some sort of art, craft, hand work has any idea the time involved.

Susan -- Hope you are having a good day at work today!

Hope you all have a good day today! Remember to smile!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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