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Default Steel Magnolias #52

Good morning everyone. It is cool and crisp this morning and I smelled wood burning so someone has their fireplace going (I hope it is that and not another fire.) We had firetrucks here again yesterday for one of the condos across the street and down from us. It was next door to the elderly lady I am friendly with so I went down there to see that she was ok. I think what is was is possibly a problem with one of their water heaters as she said there was steam pouring out and there is an overflow pipe that comes out the back onto the decks and if that is where they saw steam that is most likely what it was. When I found out she was ok, I just went back inside and tried to call Jack to warn him, but couldn't get through to his cell and the trucks left not long after so it wasn't a problem.

Maggie: I am seriously thinking of buying another charm bracelet just for WW losses. I need something to keep me going. Not that I have fallen back as I am staying OP, but I always need to look forward and this would be a great way to do it. Thanks for the website info, I went there and looked at their charms and such. As for knitting, I love it so, sort of like you do your glasswork and Susan her quilting that making stuff is truly the fun part. I could never recoup what it even costs to make something so I would never sell what I make though I have been approached about it from several people. I have a friend who says she calculates hers to $10 an hour plus yarn, but if you spend a week on a sweater that runs into big bucks
especially if you use a higher quality yarn. I just make things and give them away. One of the most fun things for me is to pick colors. I love to match colors with whatever it is I am making and for whom. I have a flair for combining colors so it is real fun to do it for me.

Jean: I also wondered how people find the time to make chickens out of eggs or rabbits out of veggies and pack the lunches and all, but the articles I have read lead me to believe it is almost an obsession in Japan to outdue another mother's creation. Maybe you need the equivalent to the dog whisperer, a cat yeller to make Ernie stop biting you. There has to be a reason that he does it, even if he thinks it is affectionate. I know you will be sad to have to send him somewhere else.

Susan: Unlike your property, ours was cheaply made and with inferior products I am finding out. On top of that, it was built 35 years ago and they used aluminum wiring, which was code back then but causes fires now so we had to have all that pigtailed a few years back and the pipes are code but old and probably worn out. Problem is, Jack and I don't have the big bucks needed to replace a lot of this stuff. They used particle wood for the countertops and they are starting to crumble and the the drawers have plastic instead of wood side rails and such so they are cracking too. Ahh well, we are here and unless we win a lot of money or inherit it from some long lost relative I imagine this is where we will stay.

I now have front, back and one sleeve done on J's sweater so only have another sleeve and pocket to knit then I can be done with it. I should get my niece's yarn the end of the week as well as the yarn for the sweater I am going to make for myself so I can start something new.

Have a good hump day everyone! I am going to get some cereal and fruit for breakfast.
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