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Honestly I'm confused as well. Our first Phase 1 client handout sheet said cabbage was fine, all kinds. The new protocol phase 1 sheet says green cabbage is a no no but purple cabbage is ok. Sunkissed said that she called about it and green is ok to eat, but why they give conflicting rules is beyond me.

I'm on my lunch break right now, but I will try to find out more details on this today.

The doctor I work for lost over 70 lbs in a few months and he ate cabbage often. It didn't affect his loss. I also ate it some when I was on phase 1.

As a coach, I would say go ahead and eat it. But don't get into trouble with your own coach, lol. You may want to ask him/her about it and follow their guidelines. Also write it down if/ when you do eat it, that way you can figure out if it makes a difference in your numbers.

I'll try for some more info today though!
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