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I am so darn frustrated with my insurance it is ridiculous! I have spoke with both BCBS of TX and my husband's insurance United Healthcare and both of our employers have listed the procedure as an exclusion! I don't understand why it is so hard to get this thing covered. If it is effecting your health and you have been obese for years and not been able to successfully lose weight on your own, then what's the dang problem????? I am sooooooo fed up and I really don't want to be paying on this thing out of pocket for the next ten years!

I was told that I could possibly appeal the exclusion if I had a medical necessity letter. I just don't know if pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, and PCOS will suffice. IMHO, I would think PCOS would be a good morbidity to list because it is related to being obese and the only known reversal or way to improve it is to lose weight. As of right now, my fertility is shot because of it, but if I were able to lose the weight I need to then my fertility will increase and I might actually have the opportunity one day to conceive naturally, without all the pills!

Has anyone chosen to self-pay on this procedure and if so what was the cost? How well did they work with you payments wise? I mean is it affordable? So far I have seen that it ranges anywhere from $17,000-$25,000 in Texas. That just seems crazy to me! Any advice will be very appreciated! Thanks,
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