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I can assure you that I am a real person who does NOT work for the company (I wish!).
I'm 50, short, and come from a long genetic line of soft marshmallow endomorphs, hence my username. When I was younger, I could stay on restrictive diets and lose weight. As I aged, I didn't have the motivation to crash diet anymore. I've never been one for structured diets, as they turn me into a rebellious teenager ("you will NOT take my food away from me!"). I also hate to shop and cook, so I refuse to do the high prep diets like Weight Watchers. Nutrisystem's processed food is horrible. I had read about this diet years ago, but at that time it wasn't available in my state. The shipping costs were also astronomical. In June I received an email with a free shipping offer, so I decided that was the time to give it a try.
Since my first month, I have renewed TWICE, for 3 months at a time! I just renewed for the second 3 month course. This food is fresh, delicious, varied, beautifully and carefully prepared. The menus are so varied (they don't repeat for 45 days) that I never get bored or develop cravings. The secret to its success is portion control, and it follows a balanced protein, carb, low fat profile. My favorite dinner meals have fish- they cook fish fabulously. All of their lunches are great (today I had a vietnamese beef wrap with jicama-orange-cabbage salad) and I also like all of the breakfasts except the muffin (it's dry). Tomorrow I'm having french toast with syrup, sausage and fruit!
I, quite frankly, am stunned that I have been able to follow this plan. It is painless. I have gone from a size 14P pants to a 10P. The weight loss for me has been slow and steady, as I don't exercise and have postponed it twice for trips.
In summary, this has been my lifesaver. I feel so much better physically and mentally because of the good nutrition, and it's nice to not feel like a stuffed sausage in my pants.
The downside? The cost!
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