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DATE -10/13/09

USER NAME -sobananas

SIGNIFICANCE OF YOUR USER NAME -i love rachael zoe and that's one of her sayings and thought it'd make a cute screen name lol.

REAL NAME -Christy

AGE -28


WHERE YOU LIVE -Texas (Midland/Odessa area)



KIDS -none

PETS -none (wow i've never felt more alone lol....j/k)

OCCUPATION -I work for my family's business. We do drug testing, dna testing, etc.

STARTING WEIGHT -more than i want to be at lol

WHAT PLAN ARE YOU FOLLOWING - weight watchers at home....i've had great success with it before but this time I just need to stick with it lol.

FAV. EXERCISE(S) -i love to swim/tread water, yoga booty ballet was my fav the last time i did ww hardcore

FAV. NO-NO FOODS -sweets...doesn't matter what kind lol...which is weird cause i use to not be a sweets kind of gal...

FAV.BOOK(S) -i love this series that christian author kristen billerbeck wrote about a girl in her 30's...i also love stori telling by tori spelling....i'm a huge old school 90210 fan lol

FAV. MOVIE(S) -grease 2, love and basketball, the holiday, love actually

FAV. SONG(S) - way to many to list. i'm a huge music person. love everything but being from texas i'm particuliar to a genre called texas country...

FAV. QUOTE -keep coming back cause it works if you work mom's been sober for 12 years but everytime i got to a meeting i love hearing everyone say that at the end of the aa's so true in every aspect for anything someone is trying to work through


I was on 3fc a couple of years ago on my last real attempt for weight loss and it was a huge help. I lost 62 pounds last time but then I started going through some stuff and ended up gaining it back and more. I really hope me being on here again I'll do better.
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