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maybe your telemarketer is one of my customers-here's one from the other side, though I can't use the name of the company I work for. after listening to our announcements about our company and the features and services we offer a call comes in and goes something like this:

me: thank you for calling xyz WIRELESS, how can I help you today?

customer: my phone isn't working!

me: I'm so sorry your phone isn't working, can I have your MOBILE telephone number please?

customer: 999-999-999

me: I'm sorry sir, that number isn't coming up in my system. Is this your xyz WIRELESS number?

customer: yes that's my phone number, I want to know why my service isn't working!

me: are you sure you have your MOBILE telephone service w/ xyz WIRELESS?

customer: (really getting ticked) I told you that's my phone number. you people were supposed to come to my house and turn on my service yesterday but I still don't have a dial tone!

me: I'm so sorry your home telephone service isn't working, this is xyz WIRELES. I'm unable to assist you with your landline service, would you like me to get you the number for that company?

customer: what company?

me: your LAND LINE company.

customer: I thought that's who I called?!

me: no sir, I'm sorry, this is xyz WIRELESS.

customer: (CLICK)

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