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Crenita, no, they haven't added anything new.

Deana, I like most of their stuff. I love the brownies. I also like the mac and cheese, the orange chipotle chicken, the black bean pizza, the ranch skillet, the spicy pork and sweet potatoes, the chicken curry salad ... are you doing PFFS?

I used to hand-pick my menus online, but I found that my weight loss eventually slowed a lot. When I added up the calories, I realized I was picking all their high-calorie items! Figures. So now I let them mostly pick my menu, with a few exceptions. (I can't eat broccoli, and I don't like a few of their meals, so I change those.)

My current subscription runs out in the new year, and my great rate will probably also disappear. (I've been with them for so long, and they haven't upped my rates much as a result.) When that happens, I'm probably going to try another plan, just for variety's sake. No idea which one, yet.
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