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Hi Betty!
I'm not an experts on the couch to 5K, but if you can jog 1.5 miles, you cna just add a little bit each time in a way that makes sense to you. A general rule of thumb is to increase your mileage no more than 10% a week. So if you are running 1.5 miles 3 days a week, that's 4.5 miles a week, so next week you could add .45 mile somewhere! You could add a little bit to each current run, or you could take the total mileage of 4.95 (yeesh, I'll just round it to 5) and break it into 4 runs. But I would say, if you can run 1.5, you can run 2 miles. So just increase it a little at a time each week and you'll be at 5K before you know it. Go slow with the increases, stretch well, hydrate, and you do have good shoes, right?

Good luck!
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