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Hey this guy knows his stuff,don't be so quick to sail him out to sea!Go watch the videos from his clinic here online and listen close.This way of eating is alot like the GI diet,plus delicious recipes and a cheat here and there with options for healthier versions of the sweets and junk type foods!This is a good way of eating especially because its better to give yourself a cheat here and there rather than not at all and then givng up and gorging on it and feeling sick and guilty afterward.Unless your one of the top 10% that says they never eat junk or sweets.If done faithfully and in the manner taught it does keep your metabolism running in medium to high gear and you do lose weight and keep it off as its a way of eating that you can do your whole life.Isnt that what we want?To learn is to eat for life and stay in the healthy weight zone?Yay!!!

This is a good way of eating as it combines HEALTHIER high Glycemic carb,Low glycemic carb and proteins in the FLFL meals.It also includes exercise.But for those that cant exercise,you still can lose alot without the exercise,maybe a little slower but still lose!This way of eating keeps your metabolism reved and burning fat.I lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks eating like this.If you notice he says MODIFIED! Dont read such a negative perspective into the name of the program or the advertisement.It does not teach that you can just eat any amount of anything you want anytime you want.That is not what Robert Ferguson says or teaches.

It is the basic food groups,categorized into meals and snacks,healthy and not so healthy.The RECIPES he has put in the program are delicious like the FRIED CHICKEN,ect,ect.But notice they are MODIFIED.So he is not saying oh go get the KFC and gorge or go to the bakery and get those HIGH SUGAR HIGH FAT BROWNIES and gorge away.Its not like that.It is strict portion control too.You are never hungry as you eat 6 or more times a day with snacks,eating every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism running hot!The snacks are geared to more natural foods and less processed junk.He recommends controlled portions and processed stuff as rare snacking,not the norm!Also more protein snacking toward and in the evenings.He also has a 6 day flush that is very healthy and jump starts your weight loss.And best of all it works!

DO your research gals and guys before taking assumptions as the old saying goes, that just makes an _ _ _ out of you and umptions.I Know someone who lost over 50 pounds on this in just a few months! She feels healthier and has kept it off for a while now.It is a good plan and is very healthy.Because he recommends brown rice syrup instead of regular and stevia or splenda in place of sugar as much as possible.This plan is excellant for diabetics especially.Try it,its worth the price unless you dont like to cook or prep your food.

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