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Originally Posted by nancylmrn View Post
ok it has been a week or so since I posted but now have another questions. The new shoes seem to have taken care of the blister issue or I have develped a tougher skin. But I am not able to run everyother day sometimes it is 3 or 4 days in between...

I notice that the first 8-10 min I am breathing too fast almost to hyperventilate how do I stop that?? it is almost like I am too nervous I will start to walk/or slow run almost to a walk and catch my breath then start running again but it is frustrating then 12-15 minutes in i have the breathing ok but then the legs are yelling at this normal when you start?
Nancy, it is very normal to walk when you first start running and it's also ok to run every 3 days. The Couch to 5k (c25k) recommends that you warm up for 5 minutes jog for 1 minute then walk for 90 seconds the first week or two... Sounds like you're trying to go too fast too quickly... Take your time, you're not racing yet
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