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So odd to see this thread.

Two weeks ago I was checking out after getting my eyebrows done. There at checkout was a coupon for a free smoothie and tea at a "health care spa." Well, it was right down the street so I decided to go for it.

When I arrived I asked the guy for a tea and he handed it to me. It was good tea. I learned it was powdered mix. I asked to see the container and there was about a billion things in it, the VAST majority I had no idea what it even was. The guy then offered me the smoothie. I asked him what was in it. He went through some mumbo jumbo--after some prodding he handed me the container. It was a "meal replacement" and again had about a billion ingredients--few of which I even *knew* or had *even* heard of. It had I think--280 calories or something and was considered "meal replacement." I told him, "no thank you, I already had lunch." He said, "that's okay, it's not gonna hurt ya any.." WHATEVER. Less than impressed would be my experience with the stuff. I asked him if I ate well, if I needed the stuff. He replied, "how many days can you honestly say you are eating 7-9 servings of vegetables a day?" I said, "well, everyday." He didn't really say anything, he started talking to another person. I left not long after.
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