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Hi all! I'm poking around to figure out where I belong, and I think I might just belong here.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: My name is Linda and I still don't think of myself as being 50, but here I am at 56 wondering how I can be this old and still feel so young. My Mom says I'll feel the same at 70. I've survived one marriage, and its end, and two years ago married again, this time to the world's most wonderful man. From my first marriage, I have three sons, ages 33,30 and 27. I live in Philly and they live in Chicago, Wausau and Atlanta respectively, so I don't see them as often as I would like. I hope that grandchildren might yet grace my old age. Until then, I have Steve and my wacky standard poodle, Cate. She's neurotic, but sweet, and loves her daily walks.

I've had more than one career, including in academe and airport administration (the most fun job ever), but currently occupy myself writing novels and short stories. My reading tastes are so broad I can't even begin to narrow down what I like in books. Oh, and I cook. Love to cook, and I collect cookbooks, ethnic food a specialty. My must-watch TV shows include Lost, Big Bang Theory, Survivor, House, ****'s Kitchen and Drop Dead Diva. Two of my sons have bands, and my music collection ranges from classical to rock (classic and alternative) to Andean folkloric.

DIET / EXERCISE REGIMEN: I'm still 5'7" (haven't shrunk yet), and currently weigh 222 pounds. My highest weight, at the beginning of the year, was 282, a number that so alarmed me--and my doctor--that I suddenly became serious about losing some of my heft. I hope to get down to my "fighting weight" of 150 pounds (plus or minus ten pounds). Is that even doable? I guess I'll find out. I'm giving myself as long as it takes, so long as I see some kind of downward trend. I don't have a deadline; I don't have any hard and fast goal except to weigh less each month than I did before. So far that's been happening, and I'm happy with the results. I go to the gym and swim (love to swim) and walk the dog, but don't have a structured exercise program. I sorta/kinda follow the Weight Watchers Flex Point system. My sister-in-law joined WW and I pick her brain for tips on how to go about it. I downloaded points charts. I calculate the points in my recipes and look for lighter versions. I strictly measure my portions.

Things that work for me: measuring portions, keeping things interesting by trying new foods/recipes, satisfying my sweet tooth with one-point "snicks" like WW cakes. Buying at least one "inspirational" outfit, often gym wear or a new swimsuit, or a great blouse, to give me something to look forward to wearing. Drinking lots of water and/or no calorie drinks. Splenda, because I like my tea sweet.

SPECIAL HOPES / ASPIRATIONS / ACHIEVMENTS / CHALLENGES: I've achieved a lot in life and held some pretty amazing jobs, yet right now I am as happy as I have EVER been. My weight may not be where I would most like it to be, but that's something I'm working on. And selling my fiction is always a challenge!
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