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S/C/G: 340/278/170

Height: 5'5"

Default Pictures of me 340-267

Here are a few pictures of me, most of them are of my face. I don't seem to have proper before pictures, so I'm looking into finding some and taking some current ones. My mirror in my bathroom only goes down so far, so I make due with what I got hehe. Anyhow, enjoy!

Here I am at 340 + pounds:
I'm wearing a bandanna because a lot of my hair had fallen out in 2006-2007, so I still was recovering. I wore that thing a lot...

This is when I was around 300 pounds:

I was excited as I had FINALLY been able to get normal looking clothes. This was my first outfit. I had bought a shirt and sweater for the holidays and some other pants that fit and was overjoyed lol.

280-285 Taken over the summer June: You can start to see my figure coming through and **** yeah I'm wearing shapewear! haha. Sagging tummy needs to be sucked in a bit.

267-270 Taken September 09: These are my newer pictures. I had to do a bit if color correcting as I took these the night before in yellow tinted light. My shirt is supposed to be a blue tone, but the light tinted it green.


Weight Loss Progress: June 08-June 09: -63lbs

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